Thursday, June 30, 2016

Will Victor fight him?

At Kings Road, Victor Andrews was challenged by his best friend James Anthony. But what's going on in his head?

Victor Andrews (@im_mreverything) does not get where James Anthony is coming from. But he realizes what's on the line when they battle July 29 at ‪#‎blackreign‬
My official statement:

I'm not sure what is going on with James Anthony and where all this animosity is coming from but I refuse to take this match against him. When we wrestled each other in January it was for the fun of competition between tag partners, brothers, family. But now I don't know what this match is about. I refuse to let some title to come between us. If I have to forfeit the match then so be it but I will not fight my brother. Hopefully this weekend James and I can talk things out and settle this the right way. If not then on July 29th I will show up and award James the match. Nothing comes before my family.

Did he get through to James? Or are things spiraling out of control?

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  1. Victor. I've been coming to the shows for about two years now. I've seen some great matches, and right up there with the very best, including the ones with all the out of town talent is and ever will be you vs. your partner.
    If he wants to have a go, maybe you have to let him.
    But nobody wants him to leave, least of all you.
    So maybe give him a fight, but not all you can.
    But is it in you to not just forfeit, but to take a dive?
    Because I do not see another solution, you've won I think each time you've matched up.