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  1. Best wishes to Lance for a speedy recovery. He's a great performer and worker and he tells a great story. Smart foot placement to drive throught the spots and he sells the hell out of his bumps.

  2. I feel like I am getting away with something when I get so see CW Anderson perform in a small venue. He's a top-shelf worker and he makes his opponents look good every time. I hope his vacation is short and we see him again soon.

  3. CW Anderson will return on Friday, January 16 in Hubert for "Soul Survivor".

    Lance will hopefully give us an update on his progress at the Premier Tag League on December 26.

  4. Howdy,
    Great show Saturday, and the new faces in the ring with Frankie, the all-out brawl with Mad Dog and CW, and of course the unmasking of the Monster C keep the bar going up and up! Colby and Country Jacked had to be the match of the night followed closely by JoJo and Cedric's battle that had about twelve two-counts and JoJo's family losing their minds in the audience.
    I did want to ask that the shows get on youtube a bit sooner: I haven't found Sole Survivor posted yet, and I like to watch the previous show before I pick up the story at the next one.
    I put it on view all and go to bed so your posts can collect views and maybe pick up some sponsors!

  5. Hey,
    I wanted to mention that Jakob's game is getting better and better. He deserves a special award for getting "The Law" suspended and sparing us their endless microphone time. Vorse put up a good fight, and his sells are epic. Since he was CW Spinbustered out of his shoes a while back, I began to take notice.
    Way to go Jakob! I will be wearing my "Jakob Unchained" shirt from at the next event!
    Everybody loves Jakob!

  6. Great show 28 August! I had some friends come by for their first show and part of the fun was watching them watch the show: their reactions on the hard bumps and Timmy Lou's gymnastics. Complete with hand over the mouth OMG as 1stGen and Militant Elite went at it.
    The ROH crew represented.
    The only downer was Jakob losing the belt, but facing the facts: joe black was the better man that night.
    Much appreciated!

  7. I'd love to see a six-man match with ME vs J3: Jakob, Jagger, and Joe.
    Maybe they could settle things if ME didn't have the run-ins.

  8. Just a thought from ring-side:
    The line-up of matches for the event on base is pretty darned impressive.
    There are five matches that would be headliners at most shows!
    Assafi vs DC will warm them up and Assafi looks like what they expect and DC might be the curtain jerker, but the former Marine, if introduced as pop.
    James vs Frankie could be a mixed reception, but with James flying and Frankie bumping hard, I think that one will sell as well.
    Then comes a whole lot of motion and action: four tag-teams at once.
    The bulldogs will certainly aggravate the energy, MilDefeat will get them going, especially with Timmy Lou finally free to fly with the high-ceiling. E-Bo and Jones will take some fierce bumps and be gone, leaving crowd-pleaser Jagger and the Dr as the only faces with a long road to walk to get their hands raised. THAT one will be a proper introduction.
    L&F vs fan-faves Jakob and Zane may or may-not sell, but I think the charisma of Zane will get attention, particularly with a younger crowd as he works the guard-rails.
    But then......
    Three back to back to back top-shelf attractions.
    Colby can make any match a candidate for match of the night, and with high-end opposition, he'll be sure to impress every second. his sells just keep getting better and his varied moves will be a hard act to follow.
    Which brings us to perhaps the only other light-heavy that could: Joe Black. ROH's Adam Cole vs Joe will be a bit less aerial, but just as technical and impressive. Joe is a close second to Colby as far as PWF regulars (meaning Cedric isn't around) so that one will be another classic.
    Then you have the big veterans: CW and Anthony D.
    That will be a hard ground brawl to end the night. headliners know what they are expected to do. I just hope I get to see a spinebuster: it's been a while!!

    GREAT card!!

  9. I would like to know the hours I have to be there what days n how many of the guys actually make to pro wrestling status