Saturday, February 18, 2017

Results for WrestleBowl V

Pro Wrestling's Future presents WrestleBowl V
Friday, February 17th, 2017
Hashimoto Hall
Hubert, NC

1. Hubert Havoc Street Fight: CW Anderson def Zane Dawson (Match was fought for 3 hours and ended in the main event)

2. Victor Andrews def Elijah Proctor

3. Fallout (White Mike/Brandon Dillinger) def Disposable Heroes (Dynamite Delaney/Bobby Wolhfort)

4. James Anthony def Daniel Stryder

5. Four Way Elimination Match: John Skyler def Luke Grimes, Sully Sullivan, and Zane Riley to gain a title shot at the PWF Universal Championship in the future.

6. Dave Dawson def Steven Hunter

7. PWF Universal Heavyweight Title (V10): “The Big Slambino” Anthony Jannazzo (29th Champion) defeated Jagger via forfeit
(Note: Jagger boycotted the event due to Senior Official Sean Pittman not being banned from his match.)

8. PWF Universal Heavyweight Title (V11): "The Southern Saviour" John Skyler (30th Champion) def "The Big Slambino" Anthony Jannazzo to win the PWF Universal Heavyweight Title.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

CWA is taking on new students

Have you ever wanted to become a professional wrestler? What about a Referee? Manager? Valet? Look no further than the Carolina Wrestling Academy. The CWA is the premier wrestling academy in Eastern North Carolina. Classes include training in the following areas:
Wrestling for beginners and experienced
Referee, Manager, Valet, Promo
Sales and Gimmick Development
CWA is located on the Crystal Coast in Onslow County. Contact us for more information at

PWF presents WrestleBowl V

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Results for PWF January 20th, 2017

Pro Wrestling's Future
Friday, January 20th, 2017
Hashimoto Hall
Hubert, NC

1. “Tough” Tim Hughes defeated Michele Plante

2. Francisco Ciatso w/ Stormie Lee defeated “Golden Boy” Luke Grimes

3. PWF Universal Tag Team Championship match: Lance Lude & Zane Riley defeated The Uncrustables (Patrick Scott & Donnie Ray) w/ Jagger to retain the titles

4. Kings Road Rumble for #1 Contendership for the PWF Universal Championship: Jagger

5. PWF Mid-Atlantic Masters Title (V1): Victor Andrews defeated “Brutal” Bob Evans (c) to become the 3rd Champion

6. 6-man Tag Match: The Extreme Horsemen (John Skyler, CW Anderson, & Preston Quinn) defeated Ricky Morton, James Drake, & Zane Dawson

7. Fatal Four-Way: Josh Powers defeated Sully Sullivan, Chip Day & Rob Killjoy

8. Otani International Title (V2): Timmy Lou Retton (5th Champion) defeated James Anthony

9. PWF Universal Heavyweight Title (V9): “The Big Slambino” Anthony Jannazzo (29th Champion) defeated Wildman Kongo

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

PWF is now Pro Wrestling's FUTURE

We here at PWF would like to announce the rebranding of PWF/Premier Wrestling Federation. As of December 30th, Premier Tag League, PWF will now be known as Pro Wrestling's FUTURE. The goal of PWF is to showcase some of the up and coming talent in the world, while bringing you the best action.

We hope to see you at our next big event on January 20th at Hashimoto Hall as we see the return of "Brutal" Bob Evans, and a title defense from "The Big Slambino" Anthony Jannazzo. All this and more, as Pro Wrestling's FUTURE is set to deliver a huge start to 2017.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


President Bert Foxx is proud to announce the final participants for the 3rd annual Premier Tag League, coming to us live from Hashimoto Hall on December 30.

Remember that all tickets are only $5! If you can not make and/or would like to donate tickets, PayPal your order to

Two singles matches will also be on the bill.

PWF Universal title, V9 defense: Anthony Jannazzo (29th champion) vs. Big Bang Nicole (World Woman Pro-Wrestling DIANA)

"Caramel Candy" James Anthony vs. Dynamite DC Delaney

Premier Tag League 
1. Jagger (2014 Winner)
2. Victor Andrews
3. Bobby Wohlfort
4. Zane Riley
5. Sully J. Sullivan
6. Rob Killjoy (Ugly Ducklings)
7. Lance Lude (Ugly Ducklings)
8. Will Huckaby
9. Timmy Lou Retton (Otani International Openweight champion)
10. John Skyler
11. Preston Quinn
12. Michael Spencer
13. Luke Grimes
14. James Drake
15. Patrick Scott
16. Dr. X

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Results from PWF in MHC!

Pro-Wrestling PWF "PWF in the MHC"
November 5, 2016
Boys & Girls Club
Morehead City, NC

1. Preston Quinn defeated Dre Mercenary (8:32) after a Spinebuster.
2. Disposable Heroes (DC Delaney & Bobby Wohlfort) beat The Uncrustables (Patrick Scott & Donnie Ray) when Wohlfort pinned Ray (10:23).
3. Father/Son Challenge: Colby Corino beat Steve Corino (12:59) after a PK Kick.
4. "Manscout" Jake Manning defeated Sully Sullivan by DQ (Foreign object) (10:02)
5. One Night Only: Anarchy Now (Jagger & Scab) beat The Geordie Bulldogs (Mark & Sean Denny) when Jagger pinned Mark (15:41)

Thank you to everyone that made it out for our successful Morehead City debut.

A special thank you to WWE Legend Ivan Koloff for signing autographs.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Changes To Saturday's Card

Due to a transportation issue, "The Chairman of the Board" Kevin Sullivan will not be able to appear at Saturday's "PWF in the MHC" event.

He will be replaced by the 3rd WWE (then WWWF) World heavyweight champion, "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff!

Ivan Koloff has been a staple in the pro-wrestling industry since 1961, but was "made" when he ended the almost 8-year reign of WWE Hall of Famer, Bruno Sammartino at Madison Square Garden in 1971.

Koloff then traveled around the world, capturing titles everywhere he went including the Mid-Atlantic heavyweight championship and NWA Worlds tag team titles.

Now retired, "Uncle Ivan" enjoys traveling to shows and meeting the fans. On Saturday, he will be available for autographs at our event in Morehead City.

Fans of Kevin Sullivan, don't worry, he will make his PWF debut on Friday, February 17 in Hubert, NC. If you were coming to the event just to meet Mr. Sullivan, please see President Bert Foxx. He will have some good news for you.

Also, due to a scheduling conflict, "Next Generation Ace" Colby Corino will not be able to attend Saturday's event. We have added co-holder of the PWF tag team championship, "The Pain Train" Preston Quinn to take his place.

Updated card:

Premier Wrestling Federation "PWF in the MHC"
Saturday, November 5
Boys & Girls Club
Morehead City, NC

1. Fight For The Future: Preston Quinn (Extreme Horsemen) vs. Mercenary Dre
2. The Uncrestables vs. DC Delaney & Bobby Wohlfort
3. Six Man Mayhem: Zane Riley & The Powah vs. Steve Corino & The Brothers Grimes
4. Sully Sullivan vs. "Man Scout" Jake Manning
5. One Night Only: Anarchy Now (Jagger & Scab) vs. Geordie Bulldogs

Plus a Mascot Dance Contest and the National Anthem sung by Loren Jones!