PWF Past Results-2014

2014 Results

Premier Wrestling Federation "Premier Tag League"
December 26, 2014
Hubert Bingo Hall
Hubert, NC

1. Special Singles Match: Officer Powers (w/The Law) defeated Shawn Adams (7:12)
2. Premier Tag League, Round 1: King Corino & Jakob Hammermeier beat The Monster C & James Anthony (9:22).
3. Premier Tag League, Round 1: Joe Black & Fabulous Frankie Fontaine beat Hector Sanchez & Kris Century (8:01).
4. Premier Tag League, Round 1: Nitestic Eddie Brown & Jagger defeated Katie Taylor & Victor Andrews (7:54).
5. Premier Tag League, Round 1: Colby Corino & Emmanuel Bodega beat Reggie Reason & Joe Joe Dancer (9:34).
6. Premier Tag League, Semi-Final: King Corino & Jakob Hammermeier beat Joe Black and Fabulous Frankie Fontaine (10:45)
7. Premier Tag League, Semi-Final: Nitestic Eddie Brown & Jagger beat Colby Corino & Emmanuel Bodega (6:59).
8. Special Singles Match: Zane Riley beat Officer White (11:29).
9. Premier Tag League, Final: Jagger & Nitestic Eddie Brown defeated King Corino & Jakob Hammermeier (13:03) to become the 30th PWF tag team champions.

Premier Wrestling Federation "Iron J Tournament"
Sunday, November 23
Hubert Bingo Hall/PWF Arena
Hubert, NC

Club VIPWF Bonus Match: Reggie Reason defeated Emmanuel Bodega (7:12)

1. Iron J Tournament, A-Block & PWF Jr. heavyweight title, V2 defense: American Tiger (c) (1) vs. Hector Sanchez (1)-Double Count Out (9:10). 
2. Iron J Tournament, B-Block: TK Stark (2) beat Victor Andrews (0) after a Double Arm DDT (8:54).
3. Iron J Tournament, A-Block: Jakob Hammermeier (2) defeated Hector Sanchez (1) by pinfall (0:59).
4. Lucha Libre Rules: The Law beat Team JJD (10:39) when Nitestic Eddie Brown pinned Kris Century after a Spiral Bomb.
5. Iron J Tournament, B-Block: TK Stark (4) beat James Anthony (0) after a Double Arm DDT (6:03).
6. ECW Style, Hardcore Rules: The Monster C defeated King Corino (8:14) after a CCC through a table.
7. Iron J Tournament, B-Block: Victor Andrews (1) vs. James Anthony (1)-Time Limit Draw (15:00).
8. Iron J Tournament, A-Block: American Tiger (3) beat Jakob Hammermeier (2) after an Emerald Driver (8:58).
9. PWF Heavyweight title, V1 defense: Cedric Alexander (c) beat Jagger (13:32) after Kick To Kill Part 2. (1st defense)
10. Iron J Tournament, FINAL: American Tiger (5) defeated TK Stark (4) after an Emerald Driver (7:30)

Premier Wrestling Federation presents Swansboro SlamFest
Sunday, November 2
Swansboro High School
Swansboro, NC

1. Pink Pride Nation defeated Vinnie Damoochie (The Syndicate) & Reggie Reason by Reverse DQ (13:19)
2. Mr. Everything Victor Andrews (F1rst Generation) pinned "Homeless" Emmanuel Borgata after the Autograph Boot (9:14).
3. Family Ties: King Corino defeated Jakob Hammermeier (Chikara) after a ColbyShock (10:52).
4. Top Contenders Collide: Jagger pinned Joe Joe Dancer after a Jagger Bomb in 14:01.
5. Old Fashion Battle Royale: Fabulous Frankie Fontaine outlasted Vinnie Damoochie, Reggie Reason, Victor Andrews, Jakob Hammermeier, Jagger, Joe Joe Dancer, and Emmanuel Borgata. (8:57)

Premier Wrestling Federation presents Passion Runs Deep
Sunday, October 19
Hubert Bingo Hall/PWF Arena
Hubert, NC

Bonus Match: The Law defeated TK Stark & Emmanuel (8:12) when Officer Powers pinned Emmanuel

1. PWF tag team title challenge: Fabulous Frankie Fontaine (Team Fab) defeated Victor Andrews (F1rst Generation) (9:42) after a splash.
2. WAW British World championship, V1 defense: King Corino (c) defeated Curt Robinson (CZWDojo) (10:01) after the ColbyShock.
3. Premier Womens Federation special III: Katie Taylor pinned Chasity Taylor (7:59) after  Fisherman Suplex.
4. PWF tag team title challenge: James Anthony (F1rst Generation) beat Lance Fontaine (Team Fab) by Disqualification (11:10).
5. No. 1 contendership to the PWF title: Jagger defeated Jakob Hammermeier (11:28) after the Jagger Bomb.
6. Crystal Coast Openweight title, V3 defense: Nitestic Eddie Brown defeated Joe Joe Dancer (c) (1:13). Referee Stop. Brown becomes the 2nd champion.
7. Iron J tournament prelude: Hector Sanchez beat Kris Century (5:10) by submission with the "Carlos Colon Leglock.
8. Battle Lines Drawn: The Extreme Horsemen (King Corino & CW Anderson) beat The Monster C & Mad Dog Josh Powers (14:39) when Anderson pinned C after a Superkick.

Premier Wrestling Federation presents the 6th Shinya Hashimoto Memorial Legacy Cup
Sunday, September 21
Hubert Bingo Hall/PWF Arena
Hubert, NC

Bonus Match: Chasity Taylor beat Katie Taylor (8:13) with a reverse rollup.
Bonus Match: The Monster C defeated Chuck Payne (5:00) after a CCC

1. Legacy Cup tournament, Round 1: Jo Jo Dancer defeated King Corino (8:34) after the XCrew Special
2. Legacy Cup tournament, Round 1: CW Anderson defeated Officer Von Vorse w/The Law (10:02) after a Superkick
3. Legacy Cup tournament, Round 1: Jagger vs. Mad Dog Josh Powers-DDQ (11:43)
4. Legacy Cup tournament, Round 1: Cedric Alexander (ROH) beat Alex Avgerinos (14:12) after the Lumbar Check.
5. PWF tag team titles, Two referees: F1rst Generation (James Anthony & Victor Andrews) defeated Team Fab (Fabulous Frankie Fontaine & Luscious Lance Fontaine) to become the 29th champions.
6. Legacy Cup tournament, Final: CW Anderson defeated Jo Jo Dancer and Cedric Alexander. (Dancer eliminated Alexander at 15:34 after a XCrew Special then Anderson eliminated Dancer at 16:01 after a Superkick.)

Premier Wrestling Federation "Revenge" 
Friday, August 22
Hubert Bingo Hall/PWF Arena
Hubert, NC

1. Contenders Match: Team Fab defeated The Law
2. PWF Tag Team titles, V1 defense: Team Fab beat F1rst Generation to become the 28th champions.
3. Premier Womens Federation Special: Chasity Taylor vs. Katie Taylor-Draw (10:00)
4. Lumberjack Match: Jagger defeated Gluteus Maximus
5. This Is Pro-Wrestling: Corey Hollis beat Chip Day
6. Revenge: Mad Dog Josh Powers defeated The Enforcer CW Anderson
7. Crystal Coast Openweight title, V2 defense: Jo Jo Dancer (c) beat Joe Black

Premier Wrestling Federation "The Bash"
Friday, July 11, 2014
Hubert Bingo Hall-PWF Arena
Hubert, NC

0. Brandon Grayson (Kehner Dojo) defeated Kris Nemesis  

1. Ring Wars Carolina Offer Match, RWC title: Hangtyme (c)  defeated Charles Payne 
2. Grudge Match: Jagger vs. Gluteus Maximus-Double Countout
3. Crystal Coast Openweight title, decision match-Royal Rumble Style: Jo Jo Dancer eliminated Nitestic Eddie Brown to become the 1st champion.           
    Also included: Officer Force, Officer Wreck, Mr. Wrestling 3, Jesse Logan, Katie Taylor, Chip Day, Referee Mike Kehner, Fabulous Frankie Fontaine, Luscious Lance Fontaine, Brandon Grayson, Charles Payne, Gluteus Maximus, Jagger.
4. PWF tag team titles: James Anthony & Victor Andrews (F1rst Generation) beat American Tiger & Ricky Morton to become the 27th champions.
5. American Tiger, Ricky Morton, & Robert Gibson defeated James Anthony, Victor Andrews, & Corey Hollis when Tiger pinned Andrews after a Shooting Star Press.
6. PWF vs. WORLD-1 title, No DQ, No Countout, No Time Limit: Christoph Rockwell defeated CW Anderson to become the 24th PWF champion.

Premier Wrestling Federation "Unification"
June 20, 2014
Hubert Bingo Hall-PWF Arena
Hubert, NC

1. Zane Riley beat Officer Force w/Nitestic Eddie Brown
2. Gluteus Maximus defeated Jessie Logan (Sub for Jagger) by Disqualification
3. F1rst Generation (James Anthony & Victor Andrews) beat Team Fab (Luscious Lance & Fabulous Frankie)
4. Special Mixed Tag, Allison Danger-referee: Mr. Wrestling 3 & Katie Taylor defeated Jake Manning & Sojo Bolt
5. PWF Jr. heavyweight title: American Tiger (c) defeated Corey Hollis (2nd defense)
6. Legacy Cup Qualifier: Jo Jo Dancer pinned Chip Day
7. PWF & WORLD-1 Unification match: Chris Rockwell (W-1) vs. CW Anderson (PWF)-Curfew Draw

Premier Wrestling Federation "13"
May 16, 2014
Bingo Hall
Hubert, NC

1. PWF tag team titles, decision match: Sky High (American Tiger & Andrew Everett) defeated F1rst Generation (James Anthony & Victor Andrews) to become the 26th champions.

2. Jagger pinned Mad Dog Josh Powers after a Tiger Bomb.
3. Premier Womens Federation: Mia Svensson beat Katie Taylor
4. Moose Ojinnaka pinned Deputy Johnson w/Nitestic Eddie Brown
5. Team Fabulous defeated Redneck Extreme
6. Jo Jo Dancer beat Ahtu Arkum
7. PWF heavyweight title, decision match: CW Anderson pinned Mr. Wrestling 3 to become the 23rd champion.

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