PWF Results-2016

Pro-Wrestling PWF "PWF in the MHC"
November 5, 2016
Boys & Girls Club
Morehead City, NC

1. Preston Quinn defeated Dre Mercenary (8:32) after a Spinebuster.
2. Disposable Heroes (DC Delaney & Bobby Wohlfort) beat The Uncrustables (Patrick Scott & Donnie Ray) when Wohlfort pinned Ray (10:23).
3. Father/Son Challenge: Colby Corino beat Steve Corino (12:59) after a PK Kick.
4. "Manscout" Jake Manning defeated Sully Sullivan by DQ (Foreign object) (10:02)
5. One Night Only: Anarchy Now (Jagger & Scab) beat The Geordie Bulldogs (Mark & Sean Denny) when Jagger pinned Mark (15:41)

Premier Wrestling Federation "Masters Of The Universe"
October 28, 2016
Hashimoto Hall
Hubert, NC

1. Legacy Cup Challenge: Victor Andrews submitted Luke Grimes
2. The Brutes defeated The Powah
3. Zane Riley beat Michael Spencer
4. Grudge Match: Bobby Wohlfort vs. Jagger-DDQ (Referee Violence)
5. PWF tag team titles, V2 defense: The Extreme Horsemen (Preston Quinn & John Skyler) w/CW Anderson defeated Zane Dawson & James Drake w/The Tommy Thomas to become the 38th champions.
6. Mid-Atlantic Masters title, decision match: Steve Corino defeated Ricky Morton to become the 1st champion.
7. PWF Trios titles, V3 defense: The Ugly Ducklings (2nd champions) beat Joseph A'gau, Corey Hollis, & Jason Kincaid when Rob Killjoy pinned Hollis.
8. PWF Universal heavyweight title, V8 defense: Anthony Jannazzo (29th champion) defeated Timmy Lou Retton

Premier Wrestling Federation “Legacy Cup 8”
September 23, 2016
Hashimoto Hall
Hubert, NC

A. The Uncrustables (CWA) defeated The Powah
B. Legacy Cup Wildcard: Luke Grimes (CWA) defeated Johnny Rose (CWA)

Legacy Cup
1. Legacy Cup Quarter-Final & PWF title, V6 defense: Anthony Jannazzo (29th champion) beat Bobby Wohlfort
2. Legacy Cup Quarter-Final & Otani International title, V1 defense: Timmy Lou Retton (5th champion) defeated Darius Lockhart
3. Legacy Cup Quarter-Final: Luke Grimes (CWA) beat Donnie Dollars (MVW) by Disqualification
4. Legacy Cup Quarter-Final: Victor Andrews defeated Francisco Ciatso w/Stormie Lee
5. PWF tag team titles, V1 defense: Zane Dawson & James Drake (37th champions) defeated The Ugly Ducklings, Zane Riley, & The Extreme Horsemen when Drake pinned Lance Lude
6. Legacy Cup Semi-Final & PWF title, V7 defense: Anthony Jannazzo (29th champion) beat Luke Grimes (CWA)
7. Legacy Cup Semi-Final: Timmy Lou Retton defeated Victor Andrews
8. Legacy Cup FINAL: Timmy Lou Retton defeated Anthony Jannazzo
0. Unsanctioned Lights Out Street Fight: Jagger defeated Colby Corino

Premier Wrestling Federation "Raising The Bar"
August 26, 2016
Hashimoto Hall
Hubert, NC

A. "Mr. Saturday Night Special" Steve Gibson defeated Shea Shea McGrady
B. Johnny Rose (CWA) defeated DC Delaney (Shockwave)

Raising The Bar
1. Legacy Cup Qualifier: Darius Lockhart beat Michael Spencer, White Mike Jordan, & Tracer X
2. The Legendary King Kaluha pinned Golden Boy Luke Grimes
3. Mr. Everything Victor Andrews defeated Jagger by DQ (over the top rope.)
4a. The Syndicate (Anthony Jannazzo & Francisco Caisto) w/Vinnie Dammochie & Stormie Lee defeated Bobby Wohlfort by DQ (interference)
4b. Bobby Wohlfort & Big Bang Nicole (DIANA-JAPAN) beat The Syndicate when Wohflort pinned Caisto.
5. Challenge Match: Anthony Henry (PWX) defeated Steve Corino
6. The Extreme Horsemen (CW Anderson & John Skyler) beat Two Good Looking Guys That Are Cool & Wrestle Well (Jakob Hammermeier & Zane Riley) after Anderson pinned Hammermeier.
7. Shinjiro Otani International Openweight title, V6 defense: Timmy Lou Retton defeated Joseph A'Gau to become the 5th champion.
8. PWF Trios titles, V1 defense: The Ugly Ducklings (Colby Corino, Rob Killjoy, & Lance Lude-2nd champions) defeated Camelot (Zane Dawson, James Drake, & Will Huckaby) w/The Tommy Thomas when Lude pinned Huckaby.

Premier Wrestling Federation presents Black Reign
July 29, 2016
Hashimoto Hall
Hubert, NC

1. Jagger def "Mr. Amazing" Michael Spencer
2. Big Bang Nicole def Johnny Rose
3. Bullet Club Invades PWF: Timmy Lou Retton def Chase Owens
4. Bobby Wohlfert def Francisco Ciotto via DQ
5. Camelot (Will Huckaby/James Drake) def The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy/Lance Lude)
6: Victor Andrews def James Anthony (Note: Because Victor Andrews won, James Anthony must leave the PWF.)
7. PWF Universal 6-Man Tag Team Titles, V1: The Extreme Horsemen (Steve Corino/John Skyler/CW Anderson) (1st Champions) def Two Good Looking Guys That are Cool and Wrestle Well (Jakob Hammermeier/Zane Riley) and Dalton Castle
8. PWF Universal Heavyweight title, V5: "The Big Slambino" Anthony Jannazzo (29th Champion) def Kabuki Ni
9. Shinjiro Otani International Openweight Title, V5: "Killerweight" Joseph Black (4th Champion) def Colby Corino

Premier Wrestling Federation presents Kings Road
June 18, 2016
Hashimoto Hall
Hubert, NC
0. Jaden Newman def Shaheem Ali

1. PWF Universal Heavyweight title, V4 Defense: The Big Slambino Anthony Jannazzo (29th champion) def John Skyler (Note: Skyler replaced King Corino who was attacked in a grocery store parking lot before the show.)
2. Jimmy Cicero def CW Anderson by countout
3. James Anthony def Luke Grimes (Carolina Wrestling Academy)
4. The Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude and Rob Killjoy) def Bobby Wohlfort and Dr. Jack Cicero
5. $1500 Battle Royal/Winner get's a shot at the PWF Universal Heavyweight Title in July: Kabuki Ni was the last man standing to win.
6. Two Good Looking Guys That are Cool and Wrestle Well (Jakob Hammermeier and Zane Riley) and Cheeseburger def. Camelot (Emanuel Bodega, William Huckaby, James Drake) w/The Tommy Thomas
7. Colby Corino def Will Ferrera (Note: After the match, Colby was attacked from behind by a returning Jagger)
8. Ring of Honor vs PWF: Delirious def Timmy Lou Retton
9. Shinjiro Otani International Openweight Title, V4 Defense: Joseph Black (4th champion) def Victor Andrews (Note: James Anthony challenged Victor Andrews to a match in July. If he wins, he wants a shot at the title. If he loses, he leaves PWF)

Premier Wrestling Federation presents the PWF Universal 6-Man Tag Team Tournament
May 20, 2016
Hashimoto Hall
Hubert, NC

0. Devyn Nicole def Sahara Se7en via DQ
00. PWF Universal 6-Man Tag Team Title Tournament: The Syndicate (Anthony Jannazzo, Jimmy Cicero, Vinnie Damoochie) def The Geordie Bulldogs and DC Delaney to advance in the 6 Man Tag Team Title tournament

1. PWF Universal 6-Man Tag Team Title Tournament Quarter Final: F1rst Generation and Dr. Jack Cicero def the Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude, Rob Killjoy, Colby Corino) to advance in the PWF Universal 6-Man Tag Team Title Tournament
2. Bobby Wohlfort def Luke Grimes (Carolina Wrestling Academy)
3. Grudge match: Camelot (Emanuel Bodega and William Huckaby) w/Jones The Limo Driver def Sean Pittman and Wildman KONGO
4. PWF Universal 6-Man Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final: The Syndicate def Frankie Fontaine, Zane Riley, Jakob Hammermeier to advance to the Finals of the tournament
5. PWF Universal 6-Man Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final: The Extreme Horsemen (John Skyler, CW Anderson, Steve Corino) def. F1rst Generation and Dr. Jack Cicero to advance to the Finals of the Tournament
6. Timmy Lou Retton def Brutal Bob Evans
7. Shinjiro Otani International Openweight Title V3: Killerweight Joseph Black (3rd Champion) def Raphael King
8. PWF Universal 6-Man Tag Team Title Tournament Finals: The Extreme Horsemen def the Syndicate to become the 1st PWF Universal 6-man Tag Team Champions.

Premier Wrestling Federation presents "Premier Of Honor"
April 9, 2016
Russell Bldg
Camp Lejeune, NC

1. James Anthony, Frankie Fontaine, Dr. Jack Cicero def Emanuel Bodega, William Huckaby, Jones The Limo Driver
2. Victor Andrews def Adam Page via Disqualification (Note: Adam Page threw Victor Andrews over the top rope which resulted in the DQ)
3. Zane Riley/Jakob Hammermeier def PWF Universal tag team champions The L&F Express (Ricky Landell & Tommy Face) in a non-title match.
4. MVW Title Match: Jason Kincaid (c) def Colby Corino
5. Semper Fi Special: Bobby Wolfhert def DC Delaney
6. PWF Universal Heavyweight title, V3 Defense, E-Style Rules match:  Anthony Jannazzo (29th champion) def CW Anderson
7. Shinjiro Otani International Openweight title, V2 Defense: Killerweight Joseph Black (4th champion) vs. Adam Cole (ROH) w/Ashlee Seidel-DRAW (30:00)

Premier Wrestling Federation " Wrestlebowl Embers"
April 8, 2016
Hashimoto Hall
Hubert, NC

0. DC Delaney def Dr. X

Wrestlebowl Embers
1. Bobby Wolfhert def Asaafi
2. Victor Andrews def Frankie Fontaine
3. James Anthony def Emanuel Bodega w/Jones The Limo Driver
4. Dr. Jack Cicero def Anthony Janazzo in a Non-Title match
5. PWF Universal Tag Team Titles, V1 Defense: L&F Express def CW Anderson/Timmy Lou Retton (36th champions) and Zane Riley/Jakob Hammermeier to win become the 37th champions.
6. This Is Pro-Wrestling: Colby Corino and Joseph Black def Adam Page and Jason Kincaid

Premier Wrestling Federation "Opening Day Brawl"
March 19, 2016
SBSA Baseball Fields
Swansboro, NC

1. Victor Andrews def The Monster C
2. James Anthony def William Huckaby
3. Shinjiro Otani International Openweight title V1: Joseph Black def Jakob Hammermeier to retain the title
4. Zane Riley def Basebrawler due to DQ
4.5 Zane Riley & Steam Engine Steven def Basebrawler & The Monster C (Note: After the Disqualification, Zane did not want to leave, so he chose someone out of the crowd, who happened to be Steam Engine Steven from the CWA)

Premier Wrestling Federation "Crystal Coast Clash 2016"
March 5, 2016
Mac Daddys
Cape Carteret, NC

00. The Bloodhound
0. Sahara Se7en def Annabelle

Crystal Coast Clash
1. The Geordie Bulldgos def. The Mighty Mest Brothers
2. Cedric Alexander def. Asaafi
3. DC Delaney def. Jacob Ryan
4. Anthony Jannazzo def Dr. Jack Cicero via countout
5. Zane Riley and Jakob Hammermeier def. Jonesy and Emanuel Bodega
6. American Heavyweight Title: Reggie Reason (C) def Jagger via DQ (Note: Jagger threw Reggie over the top rope, which automatically results in a DQ)
7. Jack Cicero and The Expendables (Bobby Wolfhert/Frankie Fontaine) def. The Syndicate (Vinnie Damoochie/Anthony Jannazzo/Jimmy Cicero)

Premier Wrestling Federation "WrestleBowl IV"
March 4, 2016
Hashimoto Hall
Hubert, NC

00. Jacob Ryan def. Warren Angel
0. Rob Killjoy def. James Drake

WrestleBowl IV
1. James Anthony def. DC Delaney
2. Victor Andrews def. Emanuel Bodega (Note: Emanuel orginally won, but due to usage of a foreign object, brass knuckles, the match was overturned by Senior Official Sean Pittman and awarded to Victor via DQ)
3. Jack Cicero def. Dr. X
4. Vinnie Damoochie def. Jakob Hammermeier via countout
5. Mest Brothers def. The Geordie Bulldogs and The Expendables in a Triple Threat Tag Match
6. Asaafi and Jimmy Cicero ended in a No Contest due to double DQ
7. Jagger def. Timmy Lou Retton
8. Cedric Alexander vs.Colby Corino-DRAW (20:00)
8b. Cedric Alexander vs. Colby Corino-Double Countout (3:42)
9. Shinjiro Otani International Openweight title: Joseph Black def Reggie Reason (3rd Champion) to become the 4th champion.
10. PWF Universal Championship V2: Anthony Jannazzo (29th Champion) def Zane Riley

Premier Wrestling Federation "Colby Corino Produced Academy Wars"
February 10, 2016
Carolina Wrestling Academy
Hubert, NC

1. Totally Kyle Ellen (CWA) beat Lucha C with a O'Connor Roll.
2. Steam Engine Steve (CWA) defeated The BaseBRAWLER by Disqualification when Reggie Reason interfered.
3. PWF Offer Match: Jakob Hammermeier beat Emanuel Bodega after the Superman Punch.
4. Submission Only Rules: DC Delaney (CWA) submitted Colby Corino
5. Jagger & Steam Engine Steve defeated Reggie Reason & The BaseBRAWLER when Steam Engine pinned The Brawler.

Premier Wrestling Federation 15th Anniversary Celebration/Angels For Andria
January 29, 2016
Hashimoto Hall
Hubert, NC

1. PWF Universal Tag Team Titles, V1 Defense: The Syndicate (Vinnie Damoochie/NiteStic Eddie Brown)(34th Champions) defeated Chemical Z.
2. Fabulous Frankie Fontaine defeated Sahara 7 w/Emanuel Bodega

15th Anniversary
1. Victor Andrews beat James Anthony (12:45)
2. Wiseguy Jimmy Cicero defeated DC Delaney (7:12)
3. 2nd Generation Battle: Hook Robinson beat Dr. Jack Cicero (10:31)
4. 2 Out Of 3 Falls: Will Huckaby beat Bobby Wohlfort (2-1) (10:10:
5. Colby Corino defeated Emanuel Bodega w/Jones (10:59) after a Twisting Tiger Elbow.
6. PWX Heavyweight title: John Skyler (c) beat Jakob Hammermeier (11:14)
7. This Is Pro-Wrestling: Killerweight Joseph Black defeated Cedric Alexander (14:03)
8. PWF Universal title, V1 defense: Anthony Jannazzo (29th Champion) defeated Asaafi (10:29)
9. ECW Rules: Jagger, Zane Riley, & Tommy Dreamer defeated CW Anderson, Reggie Reason, & Timmy Lou Retton (13:19) when Jagger made Reason submit.

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