Thursday, June 30, 2016

Does Joseph Black always speaks the truth?

Joseph Black never minces his words. He has some words for Colby Corino.

Joseph Black (@cloudynumbah9), The Ontani Openweight Champion realizes he's going to war at ‪#‎blackreign‬ with Colby Corino (@the.selfie.of.dorian.grey ) on July 29. I hated Colby Corino once. I resented his relationship with his father, maybe because my own was taken. I abhored the opportunities I felt was handed because of a last name. And then we did battle a few times... and not only did I come to respect and admire him, but look at him as a rival and younger brother. We worked out and trained nearly everyday, watched film and dreamt out loud. Now it's that time again. PWF's own "Les Enfants Teribles" duke it out again, for a Championship I'm determined to make THE championship. The Shinjiro Otani Openweight Championship. The very championship I beat Jakob and Will Ferrara in the same ring for. The same title I kept from Adam Cole, Raphael King, and Victor Andrews. A championship that made James Anthony abandon his brother and former partner for, and risk his tenure in the PWF. Colby, I know your potential even more so than you. I'm fully aware of your capabilities.
However I cannot allow you space in my Sky. July 29th we'll put your limits to the test, and God forbid you don't push beyond them. Or that night, the Rain will be red, the Reign will continue to flood Hashimoto Hall, and a father loses his son. I've sacrificed whomevet I was to become what I am now. I'm well prepared to sacrifice my brother as well.

Have at you.

Will Colby be ready come Black Reign?

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  1. The ever eloquent Joe Black is truly a mystery. He seems like a man on a mission, but his words convey so much more. His mission is to continue to reign. To continue to rule and stay atop the mountain. He has shown, again and again that he will walk through pain not just during, but long before the bell rings.
    He makes the daily sacrifices. He eats clean, lifts hard, and works move after to move millimeter perfection in the ring.
    He thinks through the fight in every permutation to find a way to wear down and finally best his opposition.
    Colby has piles of game and a fully-stocked arsenal of moves that make seasoned veterans nervous and jealous. He know eighty ways to hurt you.
    But I have to favor Joe as the more complete, and the completely committed.
    The belt isn't a thing outside of him, it is him.
    The sword and the strap look like they were fitted to him at the tailors'.
    Colby can find a way, but it may take a little help from outside.
    And Joe, the deepest thinker in the league, brings a full heart to every challenge.