Thursday, June 30, 2016

Jagger dropped this off

A present from Jagger

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  1. Jagger, you've been on top for a while. You've fought many good to great fights against all comers, King included. But now you seem full of resentment and while it doesn't become you, I can't say that I do not see some of your point.
    WHile your means of expressing it is not the most sympathetic, I do wonder if you can stand alone against both Corinos. The King is, well, The King.
    And Colby, while giving away pounds is fast, tough well-versed and particularly for his years has plenty of experience.
    While he is aligned with two not entirely sympathetic guys in Rob and Lance, I wonder where you are going with this?
    Are you going to try and take the horsemen and the ducklings all alone?
    Big heart in you bud, but three or four on one ends predictably because your name isn't Andre.
    Oddly, I find I am still pulling for you.
    You are all kinds of over with this mark, and when you tagged up with Zach vs the Bulldogs you earned it.
    So either REALLY go bad or come back to the light, either way, I;m probably still with you.