Friday, July 1, 2016

What does James Anthony have to say?

James has a lot to say, but does he give us the straight answer that we all want?

So Victor Andrews doesn't know why?

We asked James Anthony

So if you were in attendance at the last show you saw that I finally snapped and said what was on my mind, and I can't even begin to tell you how good it felt to get all that off my chest. But it seems that a lot of people are not happy with what I said but guess what I DON'T CARE, as a matter of fact let's recap what I said shall we. So after the Otani Openweight Title Match between Andrews & Joe I came down to the ring and challenged my current tag team partner to a match next month in Hubert in what I would like to call "Do or Die" I call it that because when I beat him then I will finally get my shot at the Otani Openweight Title but if he is able to beat me then I will walk away from Premier Wrestling Federation. You see since 2016 has started I have been put in the ring with DC Delaney, Emmanuel Bogdea & Luke Grimes and have beat them all while Victor has been in the ring with ROH Star Adam Page, Frankie Fontaine & Joe Black, now why am I stuck facing all the green horns and he is in the ring with all the big name stars, why am I always tossed to the back of the line while he gets to be the line leader, why is PWF always awarding title matches and other huge opportunities to everyone else but me, Timmy Lou Retton has been in the ring with Bob Evans & Delirious, Emmanuel got to face Cheeseburger in a six man tag match and Colby Corino got to face Will Ferrara, and who was I left with some kid from the academy. I have been in PWF since day 1 you hear me DAY 1 not Timmy Lou not Joe Black not the academy kids ME ME ME ME ME ME and what do I have to show for it a 3x tag team championship so what big deal I have had my eye on the Otani Title for a long time now and I will not rest until it is mine ALLLLLLLL mine and if have to punch my tag team partner in the face a few times to get it then so be it on July 29th in Hubert NC I plan to do whatever I have to do to beat Victor Andrews and become the #1 Contender for the title and prove ONCE AGAIN I am the better of the 2. Now yes Victor & the PWF Board Of Directors have been blowing my phone up since the last show trying to talk me out of this match but guess what NOT GONNA HAPPEN and don't let Victor fool you he would love to see me leave PWF even tho it was me who got us signed there to begin with but whatever come July 29th in Hubert NC I will walk out the winner and then I will go on to achieve my goal and become the Otani Openweight Champion and then everyone will have no choice but to take me seriously and realize I am the better f1rST Generation wrestler of the 2.

So what will happen? Will James walk out and challenge for the Otani Openweight title? Or will James just simply......walk out?

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  1. Sir James, you have a point, and I hope you can work through it and get on with things.
    You deserve better opponents and a shot at whatever you earned.