Thursday, May 19, 2016

A text interview with the Geordie Bulldogs

Due to video problems, we could not host The Geordie Bulldogs on video. But we had the pleasure of having them for tea today before they step into the 6-man tag team title tournament tomorrow night.

This is worth the read.

Marky- Bonnie. Thanks for having us over for tea and biscuits.
Sean- Thanks for finally having proper tea.
Bonnie- I decided it is time we set our differences aside. I am finding british tea is the answer to a lot of problems. But let's get to business, tomorrow night .
Marky- That's right Bonnie, Tomorrow night. Hashimoto hall. The new Six man tag team Championships. The greatest team EVER in the PWF team up with the Rookie sensation and U.S Marine DC Delaney to form the Allied Powers. And from what I hear some morons are calling us the underdogs....
Sean- UNDERDOGS?!?! Underdogs? Are you bloody kidding me?
What team can stop us?
The Syndicate?
If this was a spaghetti eating competition I'd be terrified. But it's a fight, so I'm not.
First and Second generation?!?
They deserve to be disqualified and a slap for having the dumbest name in the history of all history.
Zane, Jakob and Frankie.
Firstly how'd they get a bye?
Marky- cough favoritism cough.
Sean- Timeout Marky. See what's I did there?
Bonnie- Urgh
Sean. Is this stand up our a fight? Did they beat Bert Foxx in a special tickle fight for the bye?
The Ugly Ducklings?
.... Uhm I kind of like these guys, they're pretty awesome and original.
Marky- Yeah they're pretty brilliant.
Bonnie- They are the name on everyones... lips right now.
Marky- And that leaves the stars of the film The Extreme Horsemen.
Sean- We see you lads hitching your wagon to a shooting star.
Lucky for us we don't believe in fairy tales and wishes.
And that just leaves the Militant Elite.
Marky- Uhm they are not in it Sean, I'm not even sure if that's a thing anymore.
First the bloke that does the ballet, we'll take him to Snapmare City so I don't have to hear him tell us how humble he is a hundred times a day. Beat the incredible Huck back to a skinny nerd scientist. And GBH the Reason back to the 60's.
Marky- hahaha.
Do you know what happened the last time a Denny teamed up with the American Military?
Sean. We Beat Hitler!!! Test us!
Marky- Test these Allied Powers!
Sean- aww man you ruined or catchphrase.... don't forget to buy your all new Bulldog Club Shirt. Winky Face.
Bonnie- It has been truly my pleasure boys. I wish you nothing but good luck tomorrow night in the tournament.

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  1. Bret hart said a wrestler is three things, his look, his work, his talk.
    These guys have a great look with each brining their own style and character and not a knock off of someone you've seen.
    Their work is plenty and they have the moves, can take the bumps, and sell with the best.
    But all in all, their talk is what Ii find the most fun. The youtube promo videos, the way they work the crowd, and things like this make me grateful I get to see them work.