Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Is Timmy Lou ready to rumble and tumble?

Sometimes the less I say the better. In this case Timmy Lou Retton has given us all the words that are needed before he goes into battle with Ring of Honor Wrestling's own Brutal Bob Evans.

There seems to be some wrongly conceived notion about Timmy Lou Retton.
I didn't come here to be your form of entertainment. Your comedy relief.
Yet I hear the murmurs as I walk to the ring.
" Look honey, there goes that screaming guy"
"That's the guy with the funny boots"
I'm the guy that's CHANGING professional wrestling.
You see I've allowed my elegance to be mocked , laughed at, and made fun of for FAR TOO LONG. Not just by the fans , but the men and women in the PWF locker room .
May 20th all of that ENDS!!!
On that night I take on RING Of Honor's own 'Brutal' Bob Evans. Now Bob as good as you are a Wrestler, you're even better as a teacher and a coach .Going every and everywhere teaching anyone wanting to become. A true treasure in our business . I say that to say this...
You have NEVER met someone (Let alone stepped in the ring with) someone as graceful as Timmy Lou Retton. Nor will you ever again. So May 20th relish this moment so you can tell the people you train that you lost to the MOST Elegant man in ALL of wrestling.
Because those who can't Tumble, surely shall Crumble.


  1. Timmy Lou,
    I truly look forward to seeing the next level from you. I know it is there; I've seen it on youtube. I think the low ceiling literally cramps your style, but you finally have a main-event match-up with a visiting star to show more of your game.
    Yes, you have some funny moments, and I do think that some don't see more, but I do and I'll be ringside to see you take it to the next gear.

  2. Timmy Lou Tumble
    Needs to be humble,
    And quietly mumble,
    That he's ready to rumble

    He's been seen to bumble
    A career mid-stumble
    But yet to crumble
    He might not fumble

    The tumble not humble
    can climb from the ruble
    and be king of the jungle