Friday, May 20, 2016

Will Ref Sean Pittman come through?

Can Ref Sean Pittman cause a stock market crash?

Pittman has been on the wrong end of Bodegas wrath for awhile. Bodega blames Pittman for his streak of bad luck and plans to end him on May 20 when he brings Willam Huckaby, his head of security to the ring as a tag team against Pittman and a mystery partner.

Pittman told us he has a partner, but won't spill the detail but he assured us that he went into this with a plan and has found someone that will help him destory Bodega once and for all.

Can Ref Pittman take control of the ring and cause a stock crash?

We will know Friday.

1 comment:

  1. Okay,
    As I seem to be one of the few that comment, I will jot down my guess before I head to the hall for the show: Jagger.
    It would dramatic, and he is one of the very few on the roster not working in a tag match tonight.
    I would love to see Jonesy try and fight him.
    Good luck Ref!!