Wednesday, March 16, 2016

He's back


And we are pretty certain that he has a point to prove.

The Hangman Jesse Logan is making a return to the PWF at our free event this Saturday for the opening day of Baseball. He will take on Jagger in a special challenge match.

Logan has made it perfectly clear. He has a point to prove; that his time away has made him stronger.

Can Logan make a point by defeating one of the true leaders in the PWF?

Make sure you join us for this free event.


  1. The bruising brawler with no friends and a generally poor outlook on life is back!!!
    There is no James Bond without Blofeld. no Skywalker without Darth Vader.
    This is the rock that the faces can hammer against.
    Mean, nasty, and unpleasant-looking Jesse is a welcome shadow.
    I'll head to and pick up one of his t-shirts to support the return of the least happy-looking wrestler in the bunch.
    Him and Rob Killjoy should tag, but the black-hole of evil might engulf the arena.

  2. So, PWF has The Syndicate, and Militant Elite. both have their merits in the bad-guy column. But a nasty singles wrestler without the need of assistance has been somewhat lacking since Mad-Dog Josh powers departed. Jesse is plenty bad and big, and has the track-record to credibly win against anyone. His and Rob Killjoy are my two favorite heels to watch.
    Welcome back! Now get to thumpin'.