Thursday, March 17, 2016

He wants the belt

James Anthony knows the opportunity he has on Saturday when he battles Joseph Black at the free Opening Day Brawl.

This Saturday for the 1st time ever I step into the ring with Joe Black for the Shinjiro Otani Openweight Title, this will not doubt be the toughest singles match I have had in PWF over the past 2 yrs. I have nothing but respect for Joe but he has something I want and after this weekend I will have it. This could be the only opportunity I have to win the title because we have a tremendous amount of talented superstars on the roster that are looking to get there shots as well and if I fail this Saturday it could be a long time before I get back in the title picture. This weekend I look to take Joe to his limits and prove to not just myself but the PWF Board Of Directors that I am more then just a tag team specialist, I look to prove that I can be a singles champ and a great one at that, so Joe bring your A-Game cause I am damn sure gonna bring mine cause when the dust is settled and the smoke has cleared everyone will be looking up at the NEW Shinjiro Otani Openweight Champion.'

1 comment:

  1. Hats off to James! While neither of the top-performers in 1st Edition carried the other, he was the speed man in an already slender team. yet they put together wins over the Extreme Horsemen, and other top teams.
    Now he spreads his wings and flies as a singles wrestler.
    I do not think he has any rude awakenings as far as no longer being able to tag out, but I am impressed that he is immediately shooting high by going after the powerfully built Joe Black.
    Can his speed and high-flying overcome the weight disadvantage? And not just bulk, but Joe's honed edges.
    I'm pulling for the underdog in this fight!
    Good luck James.