Thursday, March 17, 2016

Well this got interesting

We figured it not take that long.

And we are right.

Joseph Black never disappoints.

He has a direct response to James Anthony's comments before Opening Day Brawl this Saturday.

"Joe bring your A-game..."
I was right along with you James until you made this statement. Should I list some of my accolades and acomplishments;
A) PWF MVP of 2015
B) Beat both Will Ferrara and Jakob Hammermeier for the Otani Openweight Championship that you and your "brother" covet so much.
C) Beat Cedric Alexander.
D) Beat Reggie Reason to reclaim something I never truly lost. Must I continue?
I'm always on my "A-game". To imply otherwise is a foolish act. This is my lifesblood, I live and breathe this. I transformed my body for this, I abandoned my former name for this, I recreated myself to propser in this sport that cradles my Passions. I'm on the road every weekend, I know not rest nor respite. The clashing of bone and sinew is poetry to me. I am the Champion for a belt you're attempting to win.... so no, sir. Bring YOUR "A-game".
No poetry for you, Young James. No historical allegories. I'm just a man with actions as a paintbrush. I will immortalize you in my art. When I make you a part of that very canvas we dance upon, when Raijin's Spear eviscerates you.
Come prepared to Kill... or be ready to die.

1 comment:

  1. Joe, you are the champ; you do not need to explain yourself. Your obvious passion and focus come through every time in the ring. You were on the climb not too long ago, please do not construe James comments as disrespect. It is a worthy opponent waiting for you to put your hand sup before he takes a shot.
    James now flies solo. And a man now changed with something to prove to himself and the world he occupies is not to be taken lightly.
    Good luck and safe work.