Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Victor Andrews is ready

Victor Andrews has been very clear when it comes to his intentions in 2016.

He wants singles gold.

At our FREE show to support the SBSA Baseball opening weekend Victor has challenged Dr. X to a one on one match up. A win against one of the PWF's long standing competitors will put him in the right direction.

Make sure you join us next Saturday at the kickoff to Baseball and PWF's "Opening Day Brawl".

1 comment:

  1. Zane and Asafi are just too big for most to handle. The Bulldogs and Jakob give you piles of personality to enjoy.
    Victor is fast, can fly, and has the endurance to give you twenty full minutes or more of hard bumps, power moves, and jaw-dropping moves.
    He has every tool you could want, but......
    It is a somewhat crowded field in the singles world with Jagger, Cedric, and Joe all in the line up and all capable of giving each other all they could ask for in a one on one.
    Truly pulling for you Victor, you looked good with the silver tag belts, and I think you'd look even better in gold.