Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Jimmy Cicero is out for.....himself

"It makes no sense"

That is what I am hearing from most of the PWF fans regarding the actions of "Wise Guy" Jimmy Cicero. His actions on Sunday at Fan Apprecation; calling his son Dr. Jack a tratior.

But when you talk to the "Wise Guy" his reasons are pretty clear.

After his actions he took the time to sit down with me and lay all the cards on the table. And he asked if we would deliver a direct message to his son.

"In my 24 year career I spent the only the last 3 pandering to fans. The 21 years prior were Wiseguy looking out for Wiseguy and collecting titles. The last 12 mos I turned into a shell of myself. Trying in vain to teach my son and remain successful, i found myself accepting mediocrity as an alternative. My son Jack questioning me every single time one of my "natural instincts" would surface. "Dad... The fans... The fans want this... The fans want that" .... As stated, I became a shell of Wiseguy Jimmy Cicero. Tonight that changed... Thank God for Vinnie Damoochie for taking my blinders off, removing the 100 pound albatross of of my back and allowing the TRUE Wiseguy to Live once again! ... I only hope my son understands this was "tough love" ... If he loves his dad he will embrace who I really am and support me. If he chooses the PWF fans over the "real me " then he will live to regret it. Tough Love Jacky... Tough Love!!!"

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  1. Jack, I don't know where things changed for you, but to lay hands on your son in anger is about the lowest thing I've seen, maybe a tie with Luscious Lance grabbing CW's wife. You are on the wrong side buddy. If you want to part ways you can, but the way you chose was lower that whale poop.