Thursday, December 31, 2015

Curt Robinson has something to say

Curt Robinson has words for Dr. Jack Cicero before their second generation battle coming in January.


  1. I saw Curt's premier vs the King. Dirty Dr. Jack will have his hands more than full: this kid was a classic collegiate style grappler. With a name like 'the hook' you know it will be hold after hold after hold.
    Let's see if Dr. Jack can keep up with this whirlwind who seems like he is ALL business.

  2. Okay, my mistake: it isn't the old man who chose to beat on his own son, but the son!!
    yeah, the big strong kid who tag-partnered with his dad will be a much more active opponent. The dad has plenty of experience, but the son? Well he's a big strong kid who will be able to keep up with the young grappler we saw a year ago against the King.
    Don't go to the bathroom during this one, it should be a fast-paced contest.