Tuesday, December 29, 2015

January 29th Angels For Andria featuring TOMMY DREAMER!

So if you were at the Premier Tag League/Fan Appreciation Night, you heard about our show for January 29th. 

If you weren't at the show, then you possibly missed hearing about former ECW Legend and current WWE superstar Tommy Dreamer coming to Hubert to face off against the Militant Elite in a 6 man ECW rules match.

Also on deck for that night is Cedric Alexander facing Joseph Black in what surely will be a Match of the year candidate. And we surely can't forget about Partner vs Partner, where James Anthony will face Victor Andrews in a class match.

All of this to support Angels for Andria, where you can help support this great cause. If you would like to donate then please contact us right here at PWFLegacy@gmail.com for more info and to donate. Or visit Caino's BBQ in Hubert, NC.

1 comment:

  1. First off, this is a huge triple header. James vs Victor was arguably the best match I've seen in the last fourteen events I've attended. That one will be a huge match. Cedric vs Joe will be a match to remember with both brining big game and huge heart.
    I have to say if you have Tommy Dreamer and CW Anderson in the same ring, you are seeing a live replay of two masters at work. Their matches will be remembered for generations of true fans. To see those two in the same ring would be worth double.
    And all for the best of causes.
    Be there.