Sunday, December 27, 2015

Tonight.....was just crazy

We can't tell you everything that happened tonight, because where would the fun be in that. But believe us when referee Sean Pittman walked up to us tonight after the show and had these words to say we believed him, "Last year I was sitting with the fans, and this year I was in the ring, as a referee. That still doesn't sink in with me. I've been watching wrestling for 26 years, never in my life did I think I would get to referee. Tonight, I got to referee what I can only call the craziest show ever. But it was possibly one of the best shows I have ever been involved in. Anyone who wasn't here, make it out next year, you will not believe what you watch."

No truer words have been spoken. Tonights show was crazy, and there were so many things that happened tonight. New Tag Team champions. New PWF Universal Champion. The return of Colby Corino and Nitestic Eddy Brown. Seriously, 2015 closed out on a high note. What will 2016 bring? Well, you need to show up to PWF to find out.

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