Monday, November 2, 2015

What is Lance doing?

We don't get Lance Fontaine.
We have tried.
We know his mission is to prove that he has been overlooked by PWF management and he deserves his spot at the top of the PWF food chain.
But on November 7th at "Saturday Night is Alright for Fightin" Fontaine runs head first into TK Stark. Stark is a force in the wrestling scene whose reputation speaks for itself.
Can Fontaine continue his reign of terror?


  1. Well, I was really looking forward to the Luscious one's return. I only knew his as Frankie's partner smiling the whole way to the ring.
    He has obviously soured while healing up. To ambush the King and put him out of action with a neck injury was the lowest.
    I hold out hope that he'll work through the darkness and come back to the right side, but CW and TK are lined up and those aren't two men I'd particularly want to have gunning for me.
    Lance brudda, I'd love to hear your beef and maybe you can get back to what made you so good in the past. Your work with Frankie vs 1stgen was top shelf, but face or heel, I'll still show up to see you work.
    Safe fight, and maybe a better future is out there for you.

  2. I will add that I very much hope that Lace just has something to work out. it is so odd to see the once smiling face now screwed up into a sneer with what seems a permanent frown.
    There is a better man in there and I still hope he can find his way back.

  3. I wanted to add something here. Lance, I remember when I started coming to the shows and your winning smile and great work was always a highlight. I think you can be as bad as you want to. I do not doubt your ability to heel it around the league.
    But we have enough bad guys with ME, EMan, and even CW lining up with the darkside.
    Bobby, Jagger, and Frankie are looking awfully vulnerable to the mass beat down as they work to settle their scores and make their marks.
    It's like seeing a good man go bad and hang around with the wrong people.
    You know there is better in him and want him to do the right thing.
    I hope this is something you can get out of your system. No I can't root for you and I am sure you will be as good a performer whether you're smiling or frowning. But your best self perhaps isn't found in anger.