Sunday, November 1, 2015

Emmanuel Bodega and his money

Emmanuel Bodega wants to buy his way into happiness in the PWF.
Yet, he has not found it.
Bodega and Jones will team up on November 6 at PWF Fallout to take on the L&F Express. The L&F Express is a tag team that is working hard to gain their footing in the PWF tag team division and have their eyes on a tag team title shot.
Will Bodega finally be able to buy himself happiness and a win?

1 comment:

  1. The lovable, if poorly dressed Emanuel was a jovial and welcome addition to the shows. This new guy with his nose in the air begs for a thumpin'. With a good partner, he could climb a few rungs, but if he uses the cash to steal wins DiBiase-style, he's in for disappointment.
    You can buy advantages, E-man but you cannot get a good man to lay down. And the road you walk has plenty of tolls to pay: cash not accepted.