Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ever wanted to be a wrestler, referee, or manager?

On Tuesday, December 1, the Premier Wrestling Federation is very proud to open the Carolina Wrestling Academy in Hubert, NC.

Looking for information?

The time for excuses is OVER!
Thank you for your interest in the new CAROLINA WRESTLING ACADEMY!

The Carolina Wrestling Academy is headed up by former ECW, NWA, AWA World champion and current ROH star, Steve Corino. The Academy is located in Hubert, NC.

The Carolina Wrestling Academy is different than any "wrestling school" in the world. The course is structured like college and runs in 9 week semesters. You start in the Academy as a "Freshman" and work your way up to a "Senior" in 36 weeks.

The Academy will be open Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, Saturday, and Sundays. Courses include all aspects of pro-wrestling, amateur wrestling, wrestling history, marketing, and more. With working relationships not only in North Carolina, but the rest of the United States (including Ring Of Honor), Japan with Pro-Wrestling ZERO1, England with World Association of Wrestling, and Deathproof Wrestling, PWA, and more in Canada.

The Academy will give you the tools to be ready for "the call". But do you have the toolbox?

The cost of the Academy breaks down three ways:

1. The cost if you pay in full is $2000.00

2. The cost if you do 12 monthly installments of $175 is $2100.

3. The cost if you do 18 monthly installments of $150 is $2700.

4. The cost if you do 24 monthly installments of $125 is $3000.

Check, Visa, MasterCard, and Paypal is accepted.
Note: There is a $100 Tryout fee. If you are accepted into the Academy and/or choose to sign up, the $100 fee goes to toward your tuition.

Experienced pro-wrestlers will go through an assessment to determine where they are at and fees. Memberships start at $10 a session or $20 a month.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us here or to Steve directly

All the best in your pro-wrestling journey.

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  1. I know I am just full of words for this website. But I did want to mention: form a marketing perspective this entry is a lot about what you pay, and a lot less about what you get.
    Maybe tell the prospective customer what he/she gets for their money more in depth.
    Additionally, would it really take 36 weeks to be an adequate referee?
    I know I don't understand these things, but just a thought.