Saturday, October 31, 2015

Black and Hammermeier a tag team?

"Killerweight" Joseph Black and Jakob Hammermeier as a tag team?
It is not a misprint.
The night before the two clash in the first ever PWF ladder match the two will team up on November 6 at Fallout to take on the M.E's Will Huckaby and Timmy Lou Retton.
The M.E is on a hot streak right now and on a mission to bring down the PWF. But it will be a task to defeat the combined talents of Black and Hammermeier.
The question is; Can Black and Hammermeier put their own issues aside long enough to put a stop to the M.E's ......actions?

1 comment:

  1. If you see something that doesn't look right, you wonder about why. Jakob was previously toward the darkside, but is clearly a fan fav now. Joe has held on as a semi-heel as he doesn't play it up and tends to fight the good guys, but his game and hard work won over the crowds.
    In having them together against two tough competitors, the very day before they go head to head in a ladder match makes me wonder if there isn't something in store.
    I hope joe stays on the right side of things, and his articulate thoughts posted on facebook give no indication that he's about to screw over Jakob.
    I very much hope this is just two workers joining up and not a ruse to walk jakob into a trap with Joe making some new allies.