Monday, November 2, 2015

Joseph Black has something to say

"To define, is to limit."
-Oscar Wilde
Saturday... My Ambition will no longer guide my hand, it will walk beside me. Through each of the nine circles of the Inferno that is my soul, like a proverbial Virgil to my Dante. Jakob and I in PWF's first ladder match, our first ladder match. Hauntingly appropriate for this occasion friend.

Maybe it wasn't you who said my title victory was a fluke. Perhaps the self-doubt I wallow in has learned to project it's voice outside of my head. Even now it echoes. Saturday you will inherit my every vice, I put the yoke around your neck. You will embody every one of my nine sins. You will be the conduit of my doubt, to impede my climb up the ladder from this bleak inferno of disbelief into the Purgatory of Hope.
We both languish in what we believe to be a place we can rise out of. Too long has the smoke from these flames of anger brought blinding and stinging tears to my eyes. Each rung of that ladder represents absolution. The top of that ladder rises from limbo into a Paradise only one of us can claim.
That championship, MY FINAL HEAVEN. My ONLY Paradiso. Hammermeier, sometimes... it truly is hell getting to Heaven.


  1. Well.......that was different.
    I'd heard that Joe was a deep thinker, but Jakob if Joe is at home or in the gym steeling his soul and plumbing the depths of his mind, you may have a man who is brining every fiber of his will to bear.
    I know you fight for your family and your honor, but it seems that Joe is fighting for something else entirely: his soul.

  2. Jakob,
    Love your work and you are easily one of the very top characters to watch both in and maybe even more, out of the ring. You make it fun and tell a good story.
    Reading the above, Joe is clearly coming from a place of resolve. If you peel the belt off him after one whole match, he's hard-pressed to hold up his head. He's a one-and-done. It might be more important to him to keep it than it is to you or get it from him.
    Your legacy will continue with or without the belt. You're like the Rowdy one (high praise), people come to see you with or without the strap.
    Joe's work is in the ring, more worker than entertainer. He looks inward.
    You are a favorite, mein freund, I just hope for a safe match where you can show that next level against a HIGHLY motivated opponent.