Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Age vs Experience

It is age vs experience when one half of the tag team champions Victor Andrews takes on Wiseguy Jimmy Cicero at "Saturday Night is Alright for Fightin" on November 7.
When they met in a tag team battle, the two teams had what most consider a classic. You know the Ciceros have to be thinking of the future and the tag team title scene in the PWF.
Both have respect for each other but both have been very clear that they will do what it takes to win the night.


  1. Jimmy vs Victor. many layers to the tale. A wrestler that has been to the holy grail: Madison Square Garden. His son is a fully grown wrestler also making his way in the tough trade.
    Victor has a toolkit overflowing with spectacular and punishing moves.
    Jimmy has been down the hard road and taken the nasty bumps, he knows how to finish the fight.
    I have to say I'd like this one to go to a timelimit draw. I like both workers and would like to see them represent well, which I am sure they will.
    I don't wish defeat on either, but Victor has a bright path ahead of him, so if there truly can be only one, Victor gets the nod.
    it is really a question of styles. Jimmy will keep it on the ground at a deliberate pace, maybe some long holds to wear the lad down.
    Jimmy has to beware of the ability to Victor to pull five high-impact finishers in a row and then go for the pin.
    Sure Jimmy's the bigger, Victor the faster, but that's where it gets interesting.
    Should be a classic.

  2. BTW Jimmy has experience, and big experience. He's won an NWA battle royale, brawled with Kurgan, Dudley, and much other top talent. he's bee in the trenches and won't be at all shaken if he has a hard fight.
    I've seen victor dig deep and come up big, but I don't know if he can push that buttom whenever he needs to, or if it comes and goes.
    That one should be a great fight.