Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Can Emanuel buy his way to a victory?

It is two different worlds.
Emanuel Bodega wants to buy his way to the top, Jagger wants to earn his way to the top. The two clashed at Legacy Cup in what some in the PWF call a show stealer.
They will clash again at PWF: Saturday Nights Alright for Fightin on Saturday.
The possibility is strong that the winner of this match could end up looking at a future title shot. Who is going to take advantage of the opportunity that presents itself?

1 comment:

  1. Long gone is the barefoot lovable wrassler who just wanted a meal for his troubles. The swagger he now displays is WAY out of proportion to his record in the ring.
    E-Man, money is just a tool that can give you options. You are drifting toward Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase territory, but he has the game to back it up.
    And Jones is no Virgil.
    You can't pay jagger to lay down.
    You can't pay Jones to get Jagger down.
    So really what can your money accomplish for you when the bell rings?