Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Timmy Lou has something to say

Timmy Lou Retton has "words" for the PWF this weekend.
With this being a major double shot weekend for PWF, one would think the focus would be around M.E. and what will happen to our "opponents"?
Joseph Black and Jakob Hammermeier's first ladder match has taken center stage.

M.E. = M.E. (Main. EVENT.)
Just like the PWF "Machine" to overlook the true stars...AGAIN.
The Champ and the Challenger have "The Incredible Huck" William Huckaby and "The Excellence of Elegance" Timmy Lou Retton on Friday, November 6th.
But who REALLY can say either one of them even make it to Saturday??
M.E. could completely demolish the "Main Event" for Saturday just out of spite. And with good reason!! You can only push M.E. so far before reparations must be paid.
PWF will have no choice but to take M.E. seriously . November 6th and 7th will be a weekend to remember for all the wrong reasons. The in ring carnage will paint a black Friday and a blood red Saturday...because it will be all about M.E.

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  1. Timmy,
    You have a ton of physical gifts honed by years of hard work. In the ring you've shown amazing agility, particularly for such a big man. You're like a flexible Bam Bam in his prime.
    I'm just sad that you've taken the approach of blaming others for your lack of success. There is better in you than looking outside for excuses.
    Take a look at Joe Black's thoughts: he is summoning his best efforts because he knows that when the talking is done, it is the W or L in the column that counts.
    You can whine all you like, I wish you'd get back to letting your ample game talk for you, but someone once said "To be the man..." and you can't talk your way to a win when the bell rings.