Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Timothy responds to Joseph Black

You see Joseph Black, you can spout all your "woe is me...I have nothing but my pain...I'm just a little black rain cloud” babble all you like.

Boo-tumbling-hoo. (See what I did there?)

The fact of the matter is? You were OFFERED a seat at the high table in ‘The M.E.Kingdom’ and you CHOSE to let your pride speak for you.

NOT. Sensational.

Given that most of your ‘hero's’ demise came from them also choosing pride over Reason (Pun intended) you too ended up losing your so called sun.
And truthfully speaking, William and Reggie wanted you in Militant Elite.

I didn't...... I still don't .

We have a precise balance of experience, aggression, and elegance. The LAST thing we need is a cloud raining on our parade.

So now that you're even LESS than a ronin you'd best stay out of Militant Elite...stay out of our way and OUT of our Affairs.


  1. Timmy,
    I have to say that your conversion has most disappointed me. You have all the game you could want, positive and uplifting as an example of achievement. And then....
    Instead of holding your head up and working your way up the ladder, you chose to align yourself with complaining, whining losers who loudly proclaim their victimhood while you set aside all your achievements to wallow alongside them.
    You are, or were a winner. Winners win by sacrifice, dedication, and they never make excuses.
    Your partners do little else BUT make excuses. They cannot put together a clean win, so they, and now you cheat and steal.
    Funny thing. When the dust settles, the ring is broken down, and the long ride home awaits, I wonder if there is a moment as you clean up and get ready to head out where you look in the mirror and see what we behind the guardrail now see; a man who used to represent the best in people, now reduced to the present lows.
    I hope you can find your way back.
    Joe and Jagger and Jakob: J3 are coming for you all.
    And you know how that story ends.

  2. Okay Timmy Lou,
    I guess I am confused. You say you offered Joe a seat at the 'high table'. Where you lose me is you seem to think ME has earned something that is worth being a part of. Let's see, you don't have the tag-team belts. You don't have the heavyweight strap. You stole the openweight belt. What did you and your ever accomplish??
    Then, after stealing the belt you tell Joe to stay out of your way.
    How delusional are you?
    You take what doesn't belong to you, unearned. Then say that the man from whom you stole it should leave you alone.
    Are you a child? "no backsies"
    You have an asskickin' coming your way big guy. And I will be ringside ot watch it happen.