Friday, November 27, 2015


The Premier Wrestling Federation joins in on the Black Friday Sale madness!

Deal #1: Purchase two tickets for the December 27th Premier Tag League event in Hubert, and get two FREE

Did we mention that tickets are only $5 each in celebration of Fan Appreciation Day?

Deal #2: Save 20% on all PWF store shirts over at Pro Wrestling Tees! In fact, save 20% on EVERYTHING at Pro Wrestling Tees!

Once again, the PWF is helping the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Onslow County. Every ticket donated goes right to the Boys & Girls Club. Last year, we had 81 tickets donated! Lets beat it this year!!!


Do you have an organization that you want to help? Donated tickets can bring families that might not be able to afford to come to the monthly show get a night out.

PayPal your donation to

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  1. This is really a highlight event of the year. Maybe the storylines don't continue from previous events, but watching them figure out the matches as they go is amazing. Be there!!!