Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"Killerweight" Joseph Black has something to say

I heard whispers... they were simple enough to ignore. They suggested I'd unlock the cage that my body became, and free the "ME" that dwells beneath. Reason whispers, I yelled "No".

I hear them talking... becoming difficult to disregard. They suggest I take that key and offer it to them as recompense for perceived slights, that the "ME" outside myself caused. Jagger's meaning speaks, I silently reply, "Why"?

That's when they started screaming; blood curdling bellows of rage that I had no choice but to acknowledge. They demanded I swallow that key, so I'd be forever lost inside of the "ME" that I've always feared I'd be. The Black Cloud hollered, I sarcastically respond, "Why not"?

I fear that now I hear NOTHING. The silence is deafening, the darkness ever stifling. When Reason robbed me of my Meaning, I became docile, where am I? What happened to ME. I became the great Clown Pagliacci. My gift to everyone else was a curse for myself. The genius that provided light for PWF created the shadows of madness that's darkened my Sky.

Reason snatched the sun from my Sky.

I created the lightning that sends cracks within my Sky.

Jagger's boasts as loud as Thunder.

So who's side should I pick. As I stare ruefully at this key to unlock the prison that I've created for ME, there's is but one logical. When mind betrays heart and both slight soul, logic is the only harmony between thought and emotion. With that being said, I'll gladly betray both Reason and Meaning as easily as the demands of a thought and the whim of a heart.

I spear Jagger, Jagger defies Reason. Which led to Reason robbing I of MEaning. I kept them from crushing your trachea, Jags. Whatever debts you perceive I have are repaid. I'm on nobody's side but my own. All of you can get it. Story time over.

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