Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jagger vs Reggie

Reggie The Reason and Jagger can't stand each other.
It all comes to a head at Fallout on November 6 when the Legacy Cup that Jagger won at our last show is on the line. Reggie The Reason and the M.E took the cup in a post event attack in another step in their plan to take over the PWF.
The war between the two parties has gotten personal. The M.E takes offense that in their mind Jagger has been "handed" his success. Jagger has not stopped in his efforts to try to prove that he is truly part of the foundation of the PWF.
Both have said they will do what it takes to finish the war.
Who comes out on top? What will the "Fallout" be?


  1. Jagger vs Timmy Lou?
    Hmmm. Straight up I favor Jagger if only because of his demonstrated pattern of soaking up damage to pull out a win (the match with king Cornino comes to mind). And he can slap on the cross-face submission hold quicker than CW's spinebuster. But Timmy Lou is obviously a formidable challenge; big strong, fast, and agile with a track record of hard-fought wins. I have to say that unless Timmy's crew gets involved or he pulls brass knuckles out of his furry boots, Jagger will prevail!!!

  2. Oh and BTW 'Militant Defeat", Jagger climbed the ladder for about a year getting thumped around working through the masses and putting together an enviable string of wins.
    When he finally got the gold after an unfortunate reversal, he immediately took on all comers to include The King himself.
    The only way he lost the strap was a three-way where he took the vast majority of the bumps.
    If you think that he's a push-over, step on in and get educated; but if you want to try and step all over his legacy and reputation, check your facts first; if you think he's a cupcake, you haven't been paying attention and that mistake could be very painful.

  3. Okay, you asked the question so I'll give you two cents from ringside: who will come out on top and what will the fallout be?
    Answer: you'll cheat when you realize he's too tough for you and them you'll try and stomp him out after you do.
    The others on the right side will come in, and we'll have a tag or three-way tag match to settle the score down the line.