Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tag Team Preview for Fallout (Nov. 6th)

The tag team titles are on the line at Fallout on November 6 when the defending tag team champions; F1rst Generation take on the newly developed tag team of Bobby Wohlfort and Frankie Fontaine.
Fontaine and Wohlfort have come together out of shared respect, and a share desire to have gold in the PWF. Both are experienced in singles ranks, and Fontaine has many successes in the tag team ranks. Can they bring this mix together?
F1rst Generations track record is speaking for itself. They will break a record set by Ikuto Hidaka and Minoru Fujita for total number of title defenses. The record of who they have beaten is a who is who in wrestling.
November 6th we will see if F1rst Generation adds to their impressive list of victims.

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  1. 1stGen has made a habit of victory. They work together like few teams out there, and they bring a high-energy, high-flying style. Bobby is a techniker, brawler with toughness to spare. Frankie is a low-center of gravity crusher who is hard as heck to keep down. All four have shown the heart to overcome, but I have to say the edge goes to the established team that knows how to work together, and maybe bend a rule here or there.
    It will be a heck of a fight as all four come with game!