Friday, October 23, 2015

CW is not a happy person

CW Anderson is on a mission to end Lance Fontaine for good. On November 6 at PWF: Fallout, the two clash in a grudge match
Anderson is not taking to kindly to Lance's mission to end King Corino once and for awhile and has every intention on reminding Fontaine that when you mess with one half of the Extreme Horsemen, you mess with them both.


  1. Lance, you are now officially out of your depth with C.W.
    You had a great game, but in setting your sights on the two titans of the league, you made two mistakes: you forgot how far they have gone to win in the past, and you picked a fight with a guy who's close friend and decades-long road partner is as tough as two-day old buffet chicken.
    If you think he's over the hill, you haven't watched closely enough.
    you are about to feel the nastiest chops, the iron left fist, the most crushing super-kick, and above all you'll see spots and taste blood when your head bounces off the mat when that spinebuster puts you down.
    In the words of the great one: 'you don't throw rocks at a man holding a machine gun'

  2. CW,
    Far be it from me to advise a true pro like you, but perhaps relentlessly beating on Lance's previously injured knee might make the point