Friday, October 23, 2015

Jagger and Reggie back and forth

Jagger and Reggie The Reason have been doing a lot of talking before their war on November 6 at Fallout.
Jagger: "Privileged man"? "Golden boy"? For someone who claims to have my number, you sure don't know me at all. I have not lived a privileged day in my life. From day one, I had to fight for everything that I had. I was born in the trenches and have been digging my way out ever since. I earn everything that I get. Every single thing. I understand that it is easier for you to play the victim and pretend that your lack of success is someone else's fault...or a result of someone else always getting "your" opportunities. I choose a different route. I chose that path from an early age because I knew that the only thing in my way in my life was me. I was going to succeed in spite of what others thought that I was capable of. I was going to achieve more than anyone ever thought that I could achieve. I was going to work harder than everyone else and put in the work that no one else wanted to do because I discovered early that no great man ever became great by doing the bare minimum. No great man ever became great by doing just enough. Every great man in history became great by going above and beyond what was expected of him. He became great by exceeding expectations and always giving more, doing more, and being more. So, Reggie.....the real "Reason" that I have out achieved you in PWF has nothing with privilege. In fact, it has nothing to do with me at all. Make no mistake....I am not saying that I am a great man. I am just saying that you are not great, man.
Reggie: Correction, I've got your Cup and you already know I got your number! I am the man that kicked the silver spoon that was hand picked by President Foxx, right out your mouth! I am the M.E. in your way!
What I AM, is everything you and your kind despise. You want to discuss your disrespecting history and lineage in PWF vs my "unsuccessful" 1st year in PWF? Cowardly of you I see, but that's to be expected from your kind. You see, what has your success been like since I've been around? There's been a black panther shadowing your every move and you're in MY WAY! So tell me more about M.E. and my "bare minimum", please! Get out your feelings Jagger, those glory days are DONE hog! All courtesy of M.E.....I'm not saying I'm a great man. I'm just asking, what does that make you after I end you come Nov 6th? Kiss my greatness Jagger, because you have no idea about M.E.


  1. Jagger Brother, you don't need to explain yourself to anyone. Least of all the second-stronger who needs three buddies to come with him to the ring, and probably the bathroom.
    Reggie, you have some game, but you talk too much and win too little.
    Good luck with the Militant Defeat.

  2. Oh and Reggie, the more you talk the less you say. You seem to be drifting toward pure hater and whiner status. And when you start saying 'your kind' you're drawing some bad lines. Let's see your game big man, and if you have to bring three buddies to deal with one other man, well, I guess you figure you're one forth of that man. If you go man to man and win, you'll get the nod and the shot you seem to think you deserve.
    if you bring buddies and take your cheap shots, you'll get what's coming.