Saturday, July 4, 2015

Cedric The Turncoat!

PWF fans were excited when it was revealed that Cedric Alexander, former PWF Heavyweight champion and Ring Of Honor star, was the mystery partner for Jagger in his battle against Reggie Reason and Timmy Lou Retton.

But their excitement turned to horror, when Alexander turned against Jagger, and it turned into a 3 on 1 mugging of the 26th PWF champion.

"Do you really think that someone like me would be your partner?" said Alexander, "Don't you watch TV? I am a star and the fans are idiots. Jagger, did you really think that I forgot that you took my PWF title belt? THIS is just the beginning."

Jagger, although embarrassed and beat up, came back with this exclusive sound bite for

"Do I feel stupid? A bit. You see, Cedric came to me and offered to be my partner. My original choice was CW Anderson. Cedric shook my hand at the end of PWF Dreams when I won the title from him. He told me I had his respect. But you and your cronies planned this all the time. Or, was it Reggie Reason in your ear? Either way, it doesn't matter. Revenge starts on July 31st gentlemen. Revenge will be sweet."

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  1. Jagger, there is an old tale of a scorpion who asks a frog for a ride across a river. After assurances, the frog helps him out. Once across, he stings him and says "what do you expect? I'm a scorpion." I appreciate giving the guy a chance, but sometimes you just know a scorpion is a scorpion.
    With CW in your corner on the next go around, you'll at least be able to know your partner has your back.
    Good luck