Thursday, June 18, 2015

Want FREE Tickets? Here Is How!

PWF "Revolution Against Evolution" is only 8 days away!

Live from Hashimoto Hall, 400 Hubert Blvd., Hubert, NC, the stars of the Premier Wrestling Federation will clash to make their mark as the future of the PWF.

Jakob Hammermeier will defend his newly won Shinjiro Otani International Openweight championship against Black Cloud Joe Black!

Black has been on quite a roll since coming to the PWF and was very close to capturing the PWF Junior heavyweight title in April. This time he gets a one on one opportunity against the very popular German!

There is an old saying that "hatred can create respect", but we are not sure when it comes to Bobby Wohlfert and Hangman Jesse Logan. They have been feuding for months and on June 26, they will battle in a Texas Bullrope Match!

After Jagger was attacked by Reggie Reason and Timmy Lou Retton at "A Champion's Challenge" on May 22, Jagger swore revenge. Next Friday, he is bringing a "Mystery Partner" to Hashimoto Hall. Who could it be???

It will be a Father & Son Challenge match as PWF Heavyweight champion King Corino and Colby Corino team against Wiseguy Jimmy and Gentleman Jack Cicero. As you may have seen on ROH TV on Destination America, The Corino's don't seem to be on the same page as of late. Will that hurt them?

For the first time ever, boxing comes to the PWF! Mr. Everything Victor Andrews has challenged Marky Denny of the Geordie Bulldogs to 10 rounds of boxing!

Plus these other great matches:
Former CZW champion Sozio w/Vinnie Domoochie vs. Caramel Candy James Anthony
Fabulous Frankie Fontaine vs. The BaseBRAWLER (Winner gets a Otani title shot on July 31)
Sean Denny of the Geordie Bulldogs vs. CZW Dojo Rookie Curt Robinson
Assafi w/Vinnie Domoochie vs. Emanuel Bodega

and MORE!

Tickets are still only $5 for Kids Under 13 and $10 for Adults.

Want early access? Club VIPWF gets you early admission at 6:30PM, a bonus match, and a Meet n Greet with EVERY PWF Wrestler on the show...PLUS 50% of concessions until 7PM. The cost is only $5 extra for Adults and $2 for Kids Under 13.


Order your advance tickets via PayPal at and Club VIPWF access is FREE!!!!!

Don't forget that on July 31, former NWA World's heavyweight champion Tommy "Wildfire" Rich comes to the Premier Wrestling Federation. Don't miss out on this chance to see and meet a true legend in the world of professional wrestling.

And you can be there for free! How? Order tickets online for June 26 until June 22 and you get a FREE ticket for July 31 for every ticket that you order!!!!

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  1. I wonder about Colby watching his dad's back given his recent history: would he stoop so low as to turn his back? I wonder who Jagger will bring: CW? Zane? Should be interesting Reggie and Timmy can work.
    I don't see Frankie missing out on a shot at the belt, so I would lean towards Joe to pull out a win vs Jakob. He'll be back, but maybe Jakob's belt will go home with the Cloud.
    Great card, I can't wait to watch to story unfold.

  2. Tommy Rich locked up with Buzz Sawyer, Harley, Ted DiBiase and many others! It will be a real treat to watch a veteran of his credentials work in July.