Sunday, July 5, 2015

Full Card Announced For PWF Burning

President Bert Foxx has announced the full lineup for Friday, July 31 entitled PWF Burning!

Tickets are on sale now through PayPal and can be purchased through select wrestlers.

Premier Wrestling Federation "Burning"
Friday, July 31, 2015
Hashimoto Hall
400 Hubert Blvd.
Hubert, NC  28539

Premier Womens Federation
1. Opening Round of the PWF title tournament

1. PWF Heavyweight title, Legends Match: King Corino (27th champion) vs. Wildfire Tommy Rich
2. Shinjiro Otani International Openweight title: Jakob Hammermeier (1st champion) vs. Zane Riley
3. PWF Tag Team titles, Loser Waves The Flag: F1rst Generation (31st champions) vs. Geordie Bulldogs
4. Disqualification Rule Waived: Jagger, CW Anderson, & Bobby Wohlfert vs. Reggie Reason, Timmy Lou Retton, & Will Huckaby
5. Rematch: Black Cloud Joe Black vs. Generation Ace Colby Corino
6. Old School Grudge Match: Hangman Jesse Logan vs. Joe Joe Dancer
7. Emanuel Bodega vs. The BaseBRAWLER
8. The Syndicate vs. Wiseguy Jimmy & Gentleman Jack Cicero

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