Tuesday, April 14, 2015

This Friday Night, PWF "The Torch"

We are only 3 days away from the Premier Wrestling Federation's return to Hashimoto Hall, 400 Hubert Blvd., Hubert, as the PWF brings you "The Torch"!

Four huge title matches are on the bill, including newly crowned PWF Heavyweight champion, Jagger defending the title against 5-time PWF champion and 21 year veteran, King Corino!

Jagger, who has been on an amazing run in the PWF, has stated that it is his goal to defeat all active former PWF champions and Corino is his first nomination. Corino seemed honored, yet offended, that Jagger would think that his first title defense against him would be successful.

And where does "Prince" Christoph Rockwell and "Princess" Chasity Taylor fit into Jagger's plans???

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At the end of the historic tag team title match in March at PWF Dreams, the brother team of Mark and Sean Denny, the Geordie Bulldogs, attacked F1rst Generation, leaving them laying in the ring. The two brothers from Manchester, England, are in the United States for a reason: To take the PWF tag team titles back to the Snake Pit in England. But James Anthony and Victor Andrews are not going to let that happen. Or so they hope. These two teams clash this Friday night and the tag team titles are on the line!

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At WrestleBowl III in February, Corey Hollis defeated Colby Corino to become the 9th PWF Jr. Heavyweight champion. But it was Joe Black that defeated Hollis one month before at Hashimoto Hall. Corino is due to a return title match, but Black had a legitimate gripe. Corino and Black met at PWF Dreams, in which fans are calling a early "PWF Match Of The Year" candidate. They couldn't decide a winner in a 15 minute time limit match, and then in a 5 minute overtime. President Bert Foxx announced that BOTH men deserved a title match at The Torch this Friday night. And not only will it be a 3-Way match, it will be NO DISQUALIFICATION!!!

Bring your appetite on Friday night, because the PWF will have plenty of Dominos Pizza of Hubert.

The ever popular, Jakob Hammermeier will be defending his Crystal Coast Openweight championship this Friday against the "Southern Savior" John Skyler. Skyler's reputation supersedes him. A reputed troublemaker, but where he causes trouble, he usually wins gold. He stated that his debut in the Premier Wrestling Federation will be one that no one will forget, as he will win the Crystal Coast Openweight honors.

Speaking of the Crystal Coast Openweight title, there are rumors that Corey Hollis, Joe Black, and Colby Corino have each reached out to President Bert Foxx about unifying the PWF Jr. and Crystal Coast Openweight titles. More to come on that for sure.

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Vinnie Doomochie made an apperance at PWF Dreams on March 20 and told Fabulous Frankie that a "turf war" was coming and his "Syndicate" was taking over the town. He challenged Fontaine to find two partners to take on his Syndicate. The Fab One found them in rookie Emanuel Bodega and the crazy Zane Riley! This six man turf war starts this Friday at Hashimoto Hall!

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Hangman Jesse Logan is a miserable person. Miserable might be the nicest thing we can say about him. A true bully. But this bully has met his match in The Enforcer CW Anderson. Anderson, a 23 year pro, and one of the toughest men in professional wrestling, stepped up to Logan at PWF Dreams, but Logan didn't back down. Fans, get ready to move out of your seat as these two collide this Friday night!!!

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Matches include, American Hero Bobby Wohlfert vs. Zero Gravity, and a match featuring Assafi.

Tickets for Friday's event are only $10 for Adults, $5 for Kids Under 13 and doors will open for General Admission at 7PM, with the action getting started at 7:30PM, and ending before 9:45PM.

PWF The Torch
April 17, 2015
Hashimoto Hall
400 Hubert Blvd.
Hubert, NC 28539
Pro-Wrestling 3000-6:35PM belltime, PWF-7:30PM belltime

A. Pro-Wrestling 3000: Bobby Wohlfert vs. Zero Gravity
B. Pro-Wrestling 3000: Assafi vs. _____________

1. Turf War: The Syndicate vs. Fabulous Frankie Fontaine, Zane Riley, & Emanuel Bodega
2. Grudge Match: Enforcer CW Anderson vs. Hangman Jesse Logan
3. Crystal Coast Openweight title, V2 defense: Jakob Hammermeier (3rd Champion) vs. John Skyler
4. PWF Jr. Heavyweight title, V1 defense: Corey Hollis (9th Champion) vs. Black Cloud Joe Black vs. American Tiger Colby Corino
5. PWF tag team titles, V3 defense: F1rst Generation (31st Champions) vs. Mark & Sean Denny
6. PWF Heavyweight title, V1 defense: Jagger (26th Champion) vs. King Corino


  1. Nice looking card!
    The undercard looks like a lot of fun, and I'll be pulling for Jakob to pull through; he's too much fun to watch to miss that one.
    1stGen vs the Geordie bulldogs could be a barn-burner: 1st gen makes everyone look good, and they seem to show new moves each time they step in. The GBulldogs have the heat, but I haven't seen them work enough to know if they have the walk to match the talk; should be a great one.
    CW vs Hangman? Hmm. I have to favor CW in a classic brawlers match-up. Could get nasty in there, bring a towel.
    The triple-threat match will be a hell of a show: Joe and Colby both have mad game, and Hollis did best the American Tiger previously. I have to admit that I'll be cheering for Joe Black, he is a great competitor and has really shown me something. Besides, there would be no great heroes without the great villains.
    Jagger vs King? I like Jagger's spirit in trying to establish his legacy by cleaning out the division, but that is a big bite to take my friend and I don't know if I would try and make an Extreme Horseman tap out with your finisher. You might be able to heap enough damage for a three-count, but the King is the King for a reason.
    Good luck to all and have a great and safe match.

  2. Hey I wanted to ask, will we be seeing Hector Sanchez anymore? He had a hell of a game, but couldn't quite get over the hump.