Wednesday, March 25, 2015

PWF Dreams Crowns 2 New Champions!!!

Dreams do come true in the Premier Wrestling Federation!

The buzz is still loud from one of the PWF's best events ever at the newly renamed Hashimoto Hall in Hubert, NC and may have set the stage for the rest of the PWF Spring Season!

Jagger became the 26th PWF Heavyweight champion, defeating Cedric Alexander in a classic title match that saw Alexander show the honor that makes him so popular in ROH. 

Faced with curfew, it was that champion that asked President Foxx to extend the time to "embarrass" the challenger, but what we found out is that Alexander's pride brought out that championship fight in him and Jagger was ready. What a match!

After a year out of the ring due to Nitestic Eddie Brown and The Law, Bobby Wohlfert made his return to active competition. Brown had publicly demanded that Wohlfert be terminated from the PWF because of what happened during the PWF tag team title match in January, and President Foxx a point. Foxx fired Wohlfert as a referee and reinstated him as a wrestler, leading into a battle between the two warriors. But it was Nitestic that got his hand raised due to Wohlfert being disqualified.

Nitestic, ever defiant, said that no man could take the Crystal Coast Openweight title from him...and he was wrong. Jakob Hammermeier came out and dusted Brown in less than two minutes to become the 3rd Crystal Coast Openweight champion!

Tag team champions, F1rst Generation, got over a major bump in the road by defeating former two-time champions, King Corino and CW Anderson. But it was the Geordie Bulldogs that ruined the post match celebration.

International Junior Heavyweight stand outs, Joe Black and Colby Corino wrestled to a rare double draw, in what many PWF fans in attendance are already calling the Match Of The Year.

Vinnie Damoochie made his presence known and said that in April, he will be bringing his Syndicate to the PWF. But Fabulous Frankie Fontaine and Zane Riley are ready for this "Turf War".

Hangman Jesse Logan shed his Monster C skin and quickly made a new name for himself. But now he has mad the wrong man mad...CW Anderson.

And the "Royal Couple" of Christoph Rockwell and Chasity Taylor are quickly becoming the Most Hated force in the PWF!

PWF Dreams was an amazing event! Check it out on You Tube in the next few weeks right here on!

Premier Wrestling Federation "Dreams"
March 20, 2015
Hashimoto Hall
Hubert, NC 

A. Pro-Wrestling 3000: The BaseBRAWLER beat LA Vin (5:02) after the Longball.
B. Pro-Wrestling 3000: Shark Simpson submitted The Gambler (6:12) w/the Cross Face Shark Fin.

1. Fabulous Frankie Fontaine defeated Gluteus Maximus (7:22) after a Splash.
2. Kris Century beat Hangman Jesse Logan by DQ (0:46) after a reverse decision.
3. Jakob Hammermeier beat Timmy Lou Retton (6:40) after the Superman Punch.
4. NWA Continental title: William Huckabee (c) beat Zane Riley (8:13) with a school boy press.
5. PWF tag team titles, V2 defense: F1rst Generation (31st champions) defeated The Extreme Horsemen (12:59) when James Anthony pinned CW Anderson.
6. Mixed Tag Team Match: Christoph Rockwell & Chasity Taylor beat Emmanuel Bodega & Kris Kelly (10:29) when Rockwell made Bodega pass out from the Christoph Clutch.
7. First And Final Confrontation: Nitestic Eddie Brown beat Bobby Wohlfert by DQ (7:42)
8. Crystal Coast Openweight title, V3 defense: Jakob Hammermeier defeated Nitestic Eddie Brown (c) with the Superman punch to become the 3rd champion.
9. Colby Corino vs. Joe Black-Time Limit Draw (15:00)
9b.Colby Corino vs. Joe Black-Time Limit Draw (5:00)
10. PWF Heavyweight title, V4 defense: Jagger defeated Cedric Alexander (13:08) to become the 26th champion. 


  1. What a card!!! It just got better and better throughout the night. I was hoarse from yelling and my hands hurt from clapping so much.
    Colby and Joe burned the house down and the array in their respective arsenals was about depleted after twenty minutes of fast action.
    Jakob pulled a bit of a swoop, but Nitestik had it coming and then some.
    Everybody loves the champion Jakob.
    Timmy Lou has a ton of game, but can't quite seem to get over the hump. Tons of talent and a great performer!
    Christoph really needs a good beat-down. He and the now much-hated CTaylor are about as obnoxious a pair of heels as you could ask for.
    I will show up to future events just to be there when they get thumped.
    Bit of a bummer to see the horsemen go down to 1stGen, but the story made sense. I'd still like to see a patented CW Spinebuster finish.
    And of course, I give a respectful nod to Cedric who could have waved off for curfew, but decided to lay it all out there. Way to go Jagger, you had it coming. Wear it well and in good health!!

  2. Oh, I forgot the openers: the Basebrawler seems to remind me of someone else with a similar build, moveset, and the way he works the crowd. Ambitious if it might be that someone to do a couple matches a night.
    The new crew of the Shark, and the Gambler were a good time. There is so much great talent out there; guys with solid games, good looks, I'd love to see some rivalries build.
    And with the new trash-talking Meatball coming to challenge Frankie to a tag-match, it should be interesting to see him up against some bad blood.
    I hope Luscious Lance doesn't mind big Zane filling his slot for a while (so to speak).
    Great stuff! And hats off to the President and talent coordinator for finding the new talent and putting it together in new ways!