Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Champions Challenge-May 22!

Being the PWF Heavyweight champion is not an easy job. Only 16 men have held the championship in the 14 year history of the Premier Wrestling Federation. 

Two years ago, the wrestling world would have said that Jagger was a long shot to even be a contender. But he has done nothing but exceed expectations and on March 20, 2015, he became the 26th PWF Heavyweight champion.

But becoming the champion is only half the fight for the veteran of the mat wars. He wants to be the best PWF champion of all time. In April, he soundly defeated 5-time champion King Corino and then asked President Bert Foxx to sanction a match where Jagger would defend the championship against three former champions in ONE match. Although, President Foxx worked hard to secure the date with former champion Cedric Alexander, he came up with the main event for May 22:

Jagger vs. CW Anderson vs. Christoph Rockwell vs. 
The Winner Of A Wild Card Battle Royal

15 men will enter the ring with the opportunity to fight in the main event on May 22. The first man to throw his name into the hat? King Corino.

"I know I had my chance at The Torch, but presistance is the name of the game. I will go on to win my 6th championship and cement my legacy." said King Corino.

"I hope he wins. Corino is a great opponent and being a former champion, I would love to show the world that I can beat each champion TWICE." said Jagger.

Tickets are only $10 for Adults, $5 for Kids Under 13 and Club VIPWF access, where you can watch the Wild Card Rumble is only $5 more!

President Foxx released the whole card for May 22 and this is going to be one of our best events EVER at Hashimoto Hall.

Premier Wrestling Federation "A Champion's Challenge"
Friday, May 22
Hashimoto Hall
400 Hubert Blvd.
Hubert, NC 28539

Pro-Wrestling 3000 (6:35PM)
1. Gluteus Maximus vs. Alex Kai
2. The Wild Card Rumble
3. PWF Women: Princess Chasity Taylor w/Christoph Rockwell vs. Sahara 7

PWF (7:30PM)
1. Black Cloud Joe Black vs. Jordan Flyght
2. Grudge Match: Hangman Jesse Logan vs. Bobby Wohlfert
3. Reggie Reason vs. Kris Century
4. Coin Flip Stipulation (Winning team picks stip): Zane Riley & Fabulous Frankie Fontaine vs. The Syndicate
5. Carolina Hurricane Match (All 4 wrestlers in the ring at the same time): F1rst Generation vs. The Geordie Bulldogs
6. Unification Match-PWF Jr. vs. Crystal Coast Openweight, winner takes all: Colby Corino (PWF Jr. champion) vs. Jakob Hammermeier (Crystal Coast Openweight title)
7. PWF Heavyweight title, Fatal 4 Way Rules: Jagger (26th champion) vs. CW Anderson vs. Christoph Rockwell vs. Winner of the Wild Card Rumble

General Admission-$10 (7PM Doors Open)
Kids Under 13-$5 

Club VIPWF: (Features all three Pro-Wrestling 3000 matches, early admission at 6:30PM, & 50% off concessions until 7PM)
General Admission-$5 extra
Kids Under 13-$2 extra

Order tickets online at and Club VIPWF access is FREE!!!


  1. First off THREE bonus matches including the Battle Royal? What fan DOESN'T love a battle royal? Any card with the Black Cloud on it is a winner. Hangman, you better stay away from The Enforcer, he has your number. Coin flip: interesting. I hope they can't get too crazy with the advantage: Maybe Frankie would want a chain match (wink wink). Jakob, careful with Colby, he seems to be drifting a bit from his roots.
    I have to say I am very wary of the 4-way title fight. With that many variables, the unworthy can swoop. If the battle royale winner come from the darkside, Jagger could find a long night in the form of a two on one if CW is neutralized.
    Good luck, and have a safe and fun show. You'll see me ringside.

  2. Jakob, careful with Colby, he is not what he was. I can see him using some dirty tricks to get your strap. You're about the most likable guy in the line-up, maybe bring a friend. Bobby seems like good people. Good luck JH.

  3. Okay Frankie, Emanuel kind of let you down out of his over-developed enthusiasm. I am sure Zane will bring a bit more seasoned experience. The coin flip could make it interesting: two on one handicap, no DQ, etc. Be careful bud, only Lance had your back to the fullest.