Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Results from PWF in MHC!

Pro-Wrestling PWF "PWF in the MHC"
November 5, 2016
Boys & Girls Club
Morehead City, NC

1. Preston Quinn defeated Dre Mercenary (8:32) after a Spinebuster.
2. Disposable Heroes (DC Delaney & Bobby Wohlfort) beat The Uncrustables (Patrick Scott & Donnie Ray) when Wohlfort pinned Ray (10:23).
3. Father/Son Challenge: Colby Corino beat Steve Corino (12:59) after a PK Kick.
4. "Manscout" Jake Manning defeated Sully Sullivan by DQ (Foreign object) (10:02)
5. One Night Only: Anarchy Now (Jagger & Scab) beat The Geordie Bulldogs (Mark & Sean Denny) when Jagger pinned Mark (15:41)

Thank you to everyone that made it out for our successful Morehead City debut.

A special thank you to WWE Legend Ivan Koloff for signing autographs.


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