Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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AJ is absolutely furious over the Otani Openweight Championship match between Joseph Black and Victor Andrews being announced as the main event at this Friday's Premier Wrestling Federation by President Foxx!

AJ has DEMANDED to President Foxx that the PWF Universal Heavyweight Title match between himself(The Champ 189 days and counting) vs King Corino be the first match of the evening. AJ has something to prove after this blatant disrespect from the PWF offices and what better way to prove that then start the evening off with a bang!

AJ has sent this comment in to his official Facebook page moderator earlier today....

"This total lack of respect for your PWF champion disgusts me beyond belief! As if I haven't made enough of a statement in my time as champ, Friday night I make the biggest statement of all. I am the top dog and number one champion in PWF. After I dismantle King Corino in the opening match of the evening you will have no choice but to show me the respect I deserve!"

Don't miss this action packed show Friday night June 17th in Hubert, NC....featuring Ring of Honor Wrestling stars Delirious, Cheeseburger, and Will Ferrara!

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  1. A-Janoz,
    Love your game even if you play it dirty. And I just have to say, I like that you don't mind throwing your weight around.
    The champ isn't the main event: fine, then we'll jerk the curtain and blow the roof off from the opening bell.
    Nice style.
    When the godfather dance mix blasts and you swagger in chomping gum with a chin jutted out, I just picture you in the bigger show doing the same and reaping the heat you earn every time.
    Hate the player, but love the game.