Wednesday, June 15, 2016

And with that @cloudynumbah9 Joseph Black leaves one warning for @im_mreverything before their match on June 17. I usually have these ultra poetic things to say, I fear this occasion flowery language and historical allegories aren't needed.

Vic, you aren't trying to convince me with your posts or even our peers; you are trying to convince yourself. I take every challenge to the Shinjiro Otani Openweight Championship seriously and devote the training necessary to honor each challenger... but what have you done beside pandering to social media? We aren't running a political race and approval isn't a prerequisite to winning this match. You can't make me doubt myself, but don't feel bad because death/tragedy/isolation/physical anguish/the devil himself couldn't either. I don't DOUBT that one day somebody will have my number. I doubt that someone is you. They say there is nothing more dangerous than a man with a point to prove, you've sheepishly led yourself to believe that that man is yourself.

Hey Victor. You call yourself "Mr. Everything". The arrogance in that moniker withstanding, I'm led to assume that name was a result of the fact that you're good at some of everything? A jack of all trades! I don't care about the things you're GOOD at, come Friday I hope you're ready to show us all what you're GREAT at. An old man used to say a man that's good at everything is great at nothing. Here's to hoping that man ain't you. I like ya Vic, but when that bell rings you will draw my ire. I will bestow upon you every vice that drives my morality into spiritual exile. I will forego my respect and admiration that I might of had for you in favor of the cold steel edge of Apathy. Kings Road ends in a dead end for you.

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  1. Joe, I would never suggest to not stand up for yourself, but the more you say, the less most hear.
    Your work can speak volumes for you.
    Victor is worthy of a shot.
    Is he the one to take your gold?
    Maybe. You've proven yourself again and again, but in this business anything can happen.
    Either way, I will watch knowing that you fight with a full heart and nothing is reserve.
    but I will admit, you wear it well