Monday, May 23, 2016

PWF Presents KINGS ROAD on June 17!

The Premier Wrestling Federation returns to Hashimoto Hall on Friday night, June 17 with an All-Star card called "KINGS ROAD"

6-time PWF Universal Heavyweight champion Steve Corino goes for #7 as he tangles with The Big Slambino Anthony Jannazzo!

Killerweight Joseph Black makes he V3 defense of the Shinjiro Otani International Openweight title against Mr. Everything Victor Andrews.

$1500 is on the line in a 15 person Battle Royal, where each participant pays a $100 fee to enter. The winner gets the purse and a shot at the PWF Universal Heavyweight championship on July 29 in Hubert.

6-man title contendership is at stake as The Ugly Ducklings tangle with Camelot.

CW Anderson and Wiseguy Jimmy Cicero battle in a Legends Fight.

Too Good Looking Guys That Are Cool And Wrestle Well (Zane Riley and Jakob Hammermeier) face Dr. Jack Cicero and Bobby Wohlfort.


Its Lucha Underground vs. PWF as Ricky Reyes goes one-on-one with Timmy Lou Retton!

Plus James Anthony, Luke Grimes, Frankie Fontaine, Johnny Rose, DC Delaney, and more.

Tickets are on sale now on the Live Events page.


  1. Each card in this league is its' own story. The six-man tag was a blast, but with so much talent, someone was going to go home early and two of the most fun teams to watch got their tickets punched in round one.
    This card is positively titanic!
    The King vs the Slambino should be a colossal clash.
    Joe vs Victor is about as even a match as you could ask for with a slight edge going to Joe from his defenses and singles experience, but any match with either of them is worth catching.
    Sorry; Camelot?? Who might that be?
    CW vs Wiseguy will be a classic ground and pounder.
    And of course Timmy Lou on the rise vs luchador Ricky will be a fanstastic style match-up.