Tuesday, May 24, 2016


With the unfortunate cancellation of Ricky Reyes, President Bert Foxx went out and found a replacement. In fact, he found three.

The first announcement....


Tomorrow, President Foxx will announce another ROH star coming to the PWF on June 17.

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  1. Some may get irritable when the visiting talent has to bail.
    Not me. I'm there for the core of regulars I like seeing tell their stories with the bumps, last split-second kick-outs, and new and tried and true moves.
    So some guy tapped out or had to take care of his sick cat.....no problem.
    Timmy Lou could wrestle a heavy-bag and make it look good.
    Plenty of time to work out the spots with Delirious and if you ad a couple more ROH talents, it just makes the card better.
    you know, I have to qualify that, the only guy I would be bummed to see slated and scratched would be Jason Kincaid; he was really something else and that match with fellow top talent Colby was something beyond.
    I personally like the long-running grudges like Hangman and Jagger, but there are plenty of stories to be told.
    Bring em' in Bert, we'll come see the show!