Friday, May 13, 2016

Let's see what's on tap

The 6-man tag team title tournament is the talk of the scene right now.

Let me remind you of who is in the tournament.

PWF Universal 6-Man tag team champions!***
Teams Entered:
1. The Syndicate: Anthony Jannazzo, Vinnie Damoochie, & Wiseguy Jimmy Cicero
2. Allied Powers: The Geordie Bulldogs & DC Delaney
3. F1rst & 2nd Generation: Victor Andrews, James Anthony, & Dr. Jack Cicero
4. Zane Riley, Jakob Hammermeier, & Frankie Fontaine
5. The Extreme Horsemen: CW Anderson, Steve Corino, John Skyler
6. Ugly Ducklings: Colby Corino, Rob Killjoy, & Lance Lude

Special Singles Match: Brutal Bob Evans (ROH) vs. Timmy Lou Retton

Challenge Match: Emanuel Bodega & Will Huckaby vs. Sean Pittman & A Mystery Partner

Shinjiro Otani International Openweight title, V3 defense: Killerweight Joseph Black (4th champion) vs. Raphael King

Luke Grimes Debut Match: Golden Boy Luke Grimes (Carolina Wrestling Academy) vs. Bobby Wohlfort

1 comment:

  1. Some really interesting teams and match-ups are on the card! I do wonder; if it is single elimination, how will that work?
    Maybe a couple of heel teams will get a double DQ and thin the field to 4 teams and then it would be three matches to the championship, but I will be there to see!
    Each team can tell a great story and with so much talent in one ring I know this will be one to remember.
    Add the feature matches and special ref grudge match and you have a real winning evening of great entertainment.
    You really can't miss this one!!