Saturday, May 14, 2016

Does Luke know what's about to happen?

Does Luke Grimes know what he is in for?
The young star has been a standout in his training at the Carolna Wrestling Academy.
He makes his debut on May 20 at the 6-man tag team title tournament.
But he is going against Bobby Wohlfert who most say would be the gate keeper in the PWF.
Bobby has assured us that Luke is in for the fight of his life. Luke will have to prove he deserves to be in the PWF.

Bobby has the reputation for being one of the toughtest hitters out there.

Can Luke stand up to what could be a hurricane?

We will know May 20.

1 comment:

  1. Bobby brings a relentless enthusiasm to the ring that Luke is about to see can be very painful. I think Luke will do well, the King wouldn't let him in there if he was going to get squashed, but.....
    Bobby is not a trifling opponent, he is fit, technically solid, and can handle himself in there with anyone.
    Good luck to you for a safe match Luke, but very few start out getting their hand sraised on the first match.