Sunday, April 3, 2016

Victor is looking to the future

"Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews is overlooking DC Delaney April 8. His focus is pointed towards Adam Page who he takes on at PWF Presents: Premier of Honor.

DC I have seen your abilities. I have seen your hunger. But with all due respect I have to overlook you. You see April 9th I have a great opportunity. An opportunity to show I belong on the main stage. An opportunity to prove I can go toe to toe and blow for blow with the toughest in the world and the absolute best in this business. And I get this opportunity in the form of Adam Page. Now don't think for one second that I'll look at you as a walk in the park. Cause I know you'll give me all you got and you should, cause I most certainly will be giving you all I got. So as far as I'm concerned on April 8th you my friend are my Adam Page for the night. I hope you're ready and I hope he's watching cause it's going to be a fight. And you can put that on EVERYTHING!

1 comment:

  1. DC? You gonna put up with that? Victor is top shelf, TOP shelf and had the track record to prove it. DC is more than a speed bump doing business, it is one thing to be full of potential and another to live up to it.
    We'll see which DC is on Friday.