Sunday, April 3, 2016

Timmy Lou is always there

Timmy Lou Retton wants to remind people of something.

Even if he's not on the card.

He is still here.

The most sought after athlete since Savage in 85.
The most elegant gymnast since my mother Mary Lou's debut in Los Angeles, California in 1984

...And I. The Excellence of Elegance. The Tumbling Titan. The God of Gracefulness... am not on the show for the 8th or the 9th!?!?

I knew you all were dumb dumbs.
I still don't get that logic.

Since day one I've shown AND proven my talents to the uneducated masses of the PWF Universe, yet and still, it just so "happens" that I will not be appearing on shows that feature Ring of Honor's Adam Cole and Adam Page. As well as Jason "The Gift" Kincaid!?

...but not Timmy Lou Retton?

I see that right now? Something NEEDS to change and NOW!!

I demand that the shows be changed to include Timmy Lou Retton. Or the WRATH of the Tumbling Titan shall be upon all of you.

You can only set aside greatness for so long...without consequences being rendered.

1 comment:

  1. Heck yeah Timmy Lou. There is a heck of a card, two actually for Friday and Saturday.
    But there is a hole where Timmy Lou could shine. Particularly in a high-roofed venue on base! I've seen the youtube videos of his full potential, and while the card will be truly great, maybe it could have used a little Timmy Lou.