Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pics From The Weekender!

There is nothing like seeing the Pro-Wrestling PWF action LIVE!

All photos by Donna Landry


  1. What a week-end!!
    New ring, new lights, amazing card and some out of town talent that really elevated the show!!!!!!!
    I saw some spots I had never seen before and the Jason Kincaid vs Colby match was the best match I have seen in the almost two years I've been coming to the shows.
    With the perfect blend of entertainment and combat, the PWF is perpetually finding ways to get batter and better and anyone who missed the last two shows really missed out.
    Adam Cole vs Joe Black was nothing short of amazing, and I really cannot say enough about Jason Kincaid in both his matches.
    The regulars brought it up a notch and the visitors showed that the PWF continues to attract high-level workers who earn it.

  2. Seriously, that was an amazing weekend. The production values jumped three notches, the new lighting makes a huge difference, and the cards were clearly the next level.
    Well done all around.